Finger Paint You’ll Want to Frame!

I am all about art-for-process.  That’s mostly what we do.  You know, “art for art’s sake” sort of stuff.  Give the kids some paint and paper and let them go!  That’s my style.

But occasionally, I want something more than a piece of paper spattered with paint to display.  Sometimes I want something CUTE!  Really cute!

So today, after the kids had finger painted to their hearts content, I got an idea.

Today’s finger paintings

Of course, it was spurred by something I saw on Pinterest.  Isn’t everything these days?!?!

So, I printed the kids’ names on card stock in colors that coordinated with their finger paintings.  

Then I searched online for a couple of simple templates to use: a car and a butterfly.  I started a Pinterest board for templates while I was at it.

I printed my templates (enlarging them as needed — I think I did the car at about 300% and the butterfly at 125%).  

Next I cut out my templates and laid them on top of the dried finger paintings, positioning them to get the best range of color and design.  

I traced around them with a pen.

I cut them out.

I used a glue stick to glue them onto the card stock and put some books on top of them while they dried.

And Voila!  The kids still got their “art for art’s sake” AND I got a beautiful piece of artwork to save and display! 🙂  I *adore* these!!

And these are going home with our little friends:

One of the coolest things is that this will make a beautiful display no matter how old the child is.  The four kids who made these ranged in age from 1 to just turned 4. 🙂

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