Five in a Row Resources

Here’s a collection of general Five in a Row resources I’ve found. 

The FIAR official websites:
Before Five in a Row (ages 2-4)
Five in a Row (ages 4-8)
Beyond Five in a Row (ages 8-12)
Above & Beyond Five in a Row (ages 12 & up)

FIAR Newsletter sign-up: go here

The FIAR forums:
Register here — Be sure to register with your first name as your username or you will NOT be accepted.  I know this because I tried 2-3 times before I figured out why I wasn’t being accepted!

Homeschool Share:
This website has LOTS of FIAR and BFIAR resources broken down by manual, and it’s all FREE!  Classification cards, lapbooks, coloring sheets, you name it!  If I only could pull materials from one place, I’d always look here first! 🙂

Blogs that reference FIAR:
**Please leave your blog address in the comments if you have one or know of one I should add!  These are in random order.
The Healthy Homeschool
Creekside Learning
A Mother’s Journal 
Delightful Learning
Simple Homeschool 
The Adventures of Bear
The Attached Mama
Parenting Twins and
All of a Kind Family – including a FIAR Blog Roll


**have more to add

FIAR Pinterest boards:
I started making individual Pinterest boards for each of the BFIAR books.  I have only added links to a few of them so far but will be filling them up as we progress as well as adding the FIAR titles.  If you have links to blog posts, printables, snack ideas, DIY play sets/felt boards, etc to go along with specific books from BFIAR or FIAR, please let me know and I will get them added or can add you as a contributor to my Pinterest account. 🙂

I will be adding to this post as I find other resources.  Have ideas?  Suggestions?  Comment away! 🙂

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