Flower Number Cards

**This counting practice activity for kids is brought to you by Malia of Playdough to Plato.

There’s no surer sign that spring has begun than seeing the bulbs in our front yard sprout. And after this year’s rainy, cold Seattle winter, I decided to celebrate by creating these colorful flower number cards. They were so easy to make and {more importantly} were a HUGE hit with my three year old.

Flower Number Cards

flower number cards

To prep, I gathered a few supplies: a pile of pom poms, blank cards and a set of markers. On the left side of each card, I wrote a number from one to nine in black. Then, I used a green marker to draw the same number of flower stems. {The number 2 had two stems, the number 5 had five stems and so on.}

flower number cards

I arranged the cards in 123 order and then invited my son to join me. We read each number together and then he began adding the matching number of pom poms to each card.

flower number cards

Not only was he thrilled with his colorful creations, but he also gained valuable fine motor and number recognition practice.  With continued work, he’ll soon understand what each number really means. 

flower number cards

The activity was a big hit in our household and I hope it will bring a little springtime joy to your family too.

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