Fun Food: BUGS for Lunch!

I am not a go-out-of-my-way-to-make-your-food-look-cute kind of mom.  Sorry, kid!  Here’s your plain Jane, looks-the-same-as-it-always-does lunch.  Now eat it up! 😉

But every once in a while I get a creative itch to do something a little fun.  Here are a couple pics of today’s “fun” food. 🙂

Here’s how I made this bug:
  • Wings — a sandwich cut in half; whole wheat sandwich thins with peanut butter and fruit spread (Luke’s is only fruit spread b/c he’s not a fan of pb)
  • Head and Body — prunes (the small snack packs or individually packaged ones stay so soft and moist…we all LOVE them!)
  • Wing spots — craisins (dried, sweetened cranberries…similar to raisins)
  • Antennae — kamut puffs (like puffed wheat, only a different grain)

L&L were excited about their buggy lunch and they devoured their entire plate of food before I even finished uploading the pics.  So, yeah, fun food has it’s place…now and then! 😉

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