Halloween Shower Art!! {Themed Shower Play for Kids}

Halloween Shower Art Play for Kids

April showers, step aside because… 
Halloween showers give kids creative artsy powers, AND keep them entertained and learning while they wash! 

Here is my first ever Themed Shower Play for Kids post, with many, many more planned to share with you because my kids had so. much. fun!!  

Walking through Michael’s yesterday I saw a jumbo foam pumpkin.  It came with foam stickers for decorating the face as a one-time Halloween decorating project. Having seen Growing a Jeweled Rose’s recent Boo Bath post, and with the kids having played with commercially available “bath” foam toys in the past, I knew that foam sticks to things when wet, so I knew I could make a super fun Halloween-themed shower that the kids would love!!

To prepare, I used the various foam sticker pieces that came with the jumbo pumpkin to trace onto regular foam sheets since the stickers obviously wouldn’t do well in water.  I cut out all the pieces and then added a bunch more of my own — circles, rectangles, various jack o’lantern mouths, and triangles.  I even added an extra pumpkin stem and a leaf shape so the kids could do lots of mixing and matching to create their own pumpkin face creations!

The activity was even more of a hit than I imagined!  It was art, it was shape recognition, it was building, it was color practice, and it was creative, seasonal shower FUN!

This is what it looked like when L&L stepped in:

Decorate a jack o' lantern face in the shower using foam pieces

Once their ecstatic giggles subsided, the kids made all kinds of different faces on the pumpkin.  Of course some were pretty abstract…

Various ways to decorate a pumpkin face

After awhile I realized Luke was monopolizing the pumpkin decorating and Lilah had taken to creating her own shape collages on the shower glass.  She made a pirate ship on the water…

Pirate ship mosaic

and a pumpkin-y face

artsy pumpkin face

and Noah’s ark.  

Noah's ark

I was honestly pretty impressed!  But to ensure she was getting a turn with the face decorating, I added a large foam ghost I had also picked up at Michael’s.  The ghost came with a face already, so we just used it backwards so it’d be blank slate for the kids.    

Jumbo Foam Ghost cut out from Michaels on shower door

While I didn’t cut any foam pieces with ghost-decorating specifically in mind, the kids managed just fine!

Decorating ghosts for Halloween in the shower

L&L had as much fun making faces on the ghost as they did on the pumpkin and they alternated taking turns at each.

pumpkin face decorating kid decorating pumpkin activity

The possibilities and fun with this activity are endless, and it’s easily adaptable to any season or occasion.  It’s artsy, it’s fun, it’s reusable, there’s really no cleanup — it can stay stuck on the walls until the next shower, and instead of fighting you at bath/shower time, your kids will probably be begging to hop in and suds up!

I do have to admit that I couldn’t help making a few faces of my own during my morning shower!  I discovered another way to have fun with the materials, too!  If you have glass shower walls or a glass shower door, it’s possible to make a face on the glass and “draw” in the features using your fingers.  

pumpkin faces in the shower steam

Would your kids enjoy shower art??

Pumpkin Halloween shower art image for Pinterest Pin me!
L&L, ages 3 and 4, have been taking showers since they were infants and are as comfortable in the shower as they are in the bath.  Would this shower play idea work in the bath instead?  Absolutely!  

Concerned about water conservation?  Here’s a way to determine whether a bath or shower is “better” in your particular situation: Shower vs. Bath.  This activity will easily work in both, so it’s really up to you!

Please Note: Anytime your child is in the bath or shower, close adult supervision is necessary.  Foam pieces are not recommended for children who are still putting things in their mouth, as it is possible to bite chunks out of the foam. Also, beware giving your child pieces of foam that are small as they could be a choking hazard.  

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  • So cool! Love! Great pics too 🙂

  • What a fun blog you have here. Really enjoyed looking around. I love the idea of in leiu of preschool. Play is so educational on it’s own. You seem like a great momma!

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    Hallo! Jag blev så otroligt lycklig när jag fann din sida! Här finns massor av underbara ljuvligheter att använda sig av när de älskade fyra barnbarnen kommer på besök! Det gör de både gärna & ofta! Lyckliga mormor Lotte i Sverige!

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