Homemade Bubble Solutions & Indoor Bubbles!

Today I am sharing a super fun experiment over on the Steve Spangler blog!

This is the PERFECT rainy, cold, or sick day activity for kids!  

Come learn how to make lots of different bubble solutions to do your own experiment, or just for PLAY, and find out a way to blow bubbles indoors without creating a huge mess!

**click the link to see my guest post on the Steve Spangler blog**

And I’d once again like to say a big thank you to Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh, NC for the awesome take home Action Card where we first found the idea!!

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Genny Upton

A former teacher turned stay at home mom to two preschool aged children. Creator (and writer) at In Lieu of Preschool and Parent Teach Play. Currently publishing my first children's picture book!

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  • sally hoyt says:

    this looks like a great project . I am interested to see the grandkids reaction to home made bubbles . W / no extra expense for glycerin . awesome

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