How to Home Preschool

The ABCs of How to Home Preschool

This is a visual summary of my week long ABC’s series on How to Home Preschool.

This seven-part series is a look at how a former National Board certified classroom teacher and reading specialist turned stay at home mom (that’s me!) is doing preschool at home with her own two children.  It is much less a “how to” and much more of a “how we” as I do not believe there is any one right way to go about home preschool.  My hope with this series is that it will encourage and inspire you to take an active role in your child’s life and early education.  Regardless of your home and/or work situation, you CAN BE your child’s first and best teacher.  Even if you are not planning to home preschool, I hope you will find tons of ways YOU CAN work and play with your child in this series.
home preschool
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Part 1: The ABC’s of How to Home Preschool (the Introduction)
home preschool
A is for ABCs.
B is for book marathons.
C is for counting.
D is for daily art.
E is for explain everything.
home preschool
F is for fine motor.
G is for gross motor.
H is for healthy habits.
I is for independence.
J is for journey out.
home preschool
K is for keep focus.
L is for learning through play.
M is for Montessori.
N is for names.
O is for organization.
home preschool
P is for puzzles.
Q is for quiet time.
R is for rhyme and reading.
S is for sensory play.
T is for time.
home preschool
U is for us.
V is for videos.
W is for what does my child need to know?
X is for xylophone.
Y is for YOU!
Z is for Ziggy.
I hope this series is a help and an inspiration 
to anyone thinking about working with your children at home!
home preschool

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