How to make a Light Saber

Luke, age 4, is finally graduating from his multi-year love affair with the Disney Cars characters to more “mature” interests like the Avengers and Star Wars.  Like most kids who are fans of Star Wars, he is very drawn to light sabers.  They are cool, right?!?  So when I ended up with a couple of empty wrapping paper rolls after wrapping Christmas presents, I knew just the way to put a big smile on his face:

A DIY Light Saber

how to make a light saber

Easy Wrapping Paper Roll Light Saber

Materials Needed: 

  • 1-2 empty cardboard wrapping paper rolls
  • Blue or other color Painter’s Tape (or duct tape)
  • Black Electrician’s tape


1.  Take one empty wrapping paper roll.  Start at one end and use 2 strips of blue Painter’s tape to cover the hole at the end of the roll.  Then starting at the same end, use strips of blue Painter’s tape just big enough to wrap around the cardboard tube horizontally.  Slightly overlap each ring of tape as you work your way down the tube.  Leave room for a handle at the opposite end of the wrapping paper roll.

2.  This step is optional.  If you want your light saber to have a guard like ours (the perpendicular part above the handle/hilt), cut a section from a 2nd wrapping paper roll.  Carefully use scissors to cut a hole all the way through the center (it doesn’t have to be perfect!) and slide it onto your mostly tape covered wrapping paper roll.  Use black electrical tape to secure the guard in place by wrapping tape around the top of the guard and then around in a figure 8 pattern and then again around the bottom of the guard.  

3.  Use the black electrical tape to finish off the edges of the guard (if you added one) and handle/hilt.

how to make a light saber for kids

I kid you not that my son did not put down his light saber for at least the first three hours after handing it to him.  And despite the fact this one didn’t come with any batteries, you should have heard all the sound effects it made!!  

From trash to treasure!! 😉

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