Hush Bottles: the calm down solution

We have been working on perfecting our glitter bottles for some time now and have finally come up with the perfect “hush” bottles!

hush bottles

Hush Bottles: The Calm Down Solution

We started out with these “calm down” bottles:

calm down bottles

Next, we improved them drastically in version 2:

glitter bottles

We really liked the version 2 glitter bottles and we use them at the kitchen table often, but they just weren’t exactly “it.”

Then one day I saw this pin on Pinterest and knew immediately these would be THE perfect glitter bottles!

The blog post “Relax Bottle/Time Out Timer” was written by Johanna over at My Crazy Blessed Life.  Her photos of the glitter bottles are stunning and I especially liked seeing the photos of them in action with her daughter.  It gave me hope that these might work wonders for us, too!

We followed her directions — see her post here to find out the materials you need and the steps to make your own! — and made a purple bottle for Lilah and a blue bottle for Luke.  Here are L&L helping to make the bottles.  It made for some good fine motor practice!

hush bottles hush bottles

Here are our completed bottles in various stages of “shaken-ness.”  Trust me when I say that these photos do not do the bottles justice; they are stunningly gorgeous!

hush bottles hush bottles
hush bottles hush bottles
hush bottles hush bottles
hush bottles hush bottles
hush bottles hush bottles
mind jars hush bottles
glitter bottles mind bottles

Here’s a horribly amateur video I shot of our bottles just so you can see how swirly the glitter is and how it gradually settles.  Our bottles settle at about the same rate normally, so I obviously didn’t shake the purple bottle as well as the blue in this case…

In addition to being pretty, these bottles are smart, too!  They really have a lot going for them.  Luke calls these our Hush Bottles.  I don’t know how he came up with that, but it’s the perfect name for them.  When the kids are really upset, I’ll hand them their bottle or they’ll go get it and sit on the couch.  Oh, it’s not ever an instant fix, but then after a few minutes, something magical happens and well…they hush!  It’s very possible that perhaps they just become completely mesmerized by the falling glitter!

See, here’s Luke.  Watch the progression of him calming down.

hush bottles hush bottles
hush bottles mind jars
hush bottles calm down bottles
hush bottles hush bottles

And here’s Lilah.  Her big poked-out lip melts me every time.

hush bottles
calm down bottles hush bottles

Why make a hush bottle?  Well, they are simply gorgeous to look at and that in itself was reason enough for me!  Mostly we use ours just for fun.  The kids like to shake them up and put them on the kitchen table to watch the glitter slowly fall.  It’s very calming and therapeutic.  And when the kids sometimes get into those out-of-sorts, “I can’t calm myself down” moods where nothing I can say or do as a parent seems to stop the whining and crying, this thing really seems to help speed the process of helping them to calm themselves down!  Some people also find these useful as activity timers, timeout timers, and as calm-down tools for the classroom!

If you need a “calm down” solution, would like a kid-friendly timer, or just want to make something beautiful, head on over to My Crazy Blessed Life and get started on your own “hush” bottle.  Thanks, Johanna!

hush bottles

Have you made your own hush bottles?

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