I Can Draw: Cars & Trucks!

I found this drawing book in our collection of books and showed it to Luke since he’s starting to be really interested in drawing lately and he LOVES vehicles.  It’s I Can Draw: Cars & Trucks by Terry Longhurst. 

This book is definitely for MUCH older kids!  I gave it to Luke just to look at, but of course he wanted to give it a try…so we did.  He picked the Ferrari F50 that’s pictured on the cover of the book and we spent part of our Saturday morning drawing together. 🙂

Don’t laugh!!!  I’m no artist!  I got the proportions all wrong, but still, it’s probably the best car I’ve ever drawn. LOL

Luke stuck with it and really followed the directions.  I was impressed at how much concentration and effort he put into it.  (His drawing is a little hard to see because he didn’t outline ALL his pencil lines in marker when he finished, but really it’s very detailed.)

When he finished the car, he added lots of people and other details to his drawing.

This was actually really fun for both of us.  Luke gave his drawing to his dad and asked if he could have the car I drew.  He wanted it hung up in his room!  I felt quite honored!!! 🙂

I want to try to find some more preschool-friendly drawing books, since this one was difficult even for me (though that’s not really saying that much! LOL).  

Any suggestions?

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