I Got Dressed All By Myself: Organizing Your Child’s Closet to Promote Independence

Lilah will turn 3 later this summer and has been able to dress herself for a long time now.  The only issue is that unless I strictly watch what she picks out, she tends to dress herself in PJs 24/7!  This sometimes results in needless tension on days when we actually have someplace to go!

Recently I cleaned out her closet and added a few systems to help prevent the round-the-clock pajama issue while giving her as much independence as possible in choosing her outfits.  

I added several plastic drawer bins to her closet that weren’t being utilized well in my craft room.  In this one with 4 drawers, I put summer socks, winter socks, panties, and bathing suits.

In these seven drawers, I put one complete outfit in each drawer.  

I put a mix of some skirt & shirt combos, some dresses, and some shorts & shirt combos.  If there are any go-along accessories, I throw those in, too.  


She can choose which outfit she wants to wear on a particular day.  All I have to do is restock the drawers every few days…minimally once per week.

This has been working really well for us!  Clothes haven’t been pulled off shelves and left all over the closet floor, and Lilah isn’t on permanent pajama day any more!  She’ll pop out of her room proudly announcing, “I got dressed all by myself,” and neither of us could be happier! 🙂


Do you have any kids’ closet organizing tips or tricks to share?

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14 comments to I Got Dressed All By Myself: Organizing Your Child’s Closet to Promote Independence

  • The boys closet (5 and 8) are baskets on the floor. Each has their own shirt basket, shorts/underwear basket and a shared socks and PJ basket. It eliminates folding and still keeps the closet tidy. This way they can put their own clothes away and dress on their own.

  • I love how you’ve organized your daughter’s clothes so that everything is within HER reach. I did that with my daughter’s closet as well. Now age 7, she has totally embraced the independence and even keeps it immaculately organized and color coordinated completely on her own. Your daughter, like mine, might enjoy reading a brand new picture book all about a little girl getting dressed. It’s called ZOE GETS DRESSED, by Bethanie Murguia. Really enjoyed your post!

  • Love this idea! When we have larger closets, I will be doing the outfits in plastic drawers idea! Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    love your organization skills:)

  • Anonymous

    We use one of those hanging shoe organizers. They are inexpensive, the pockets are the right size for outfits, and they don’t take up much room. She can’t reach the very top boxes so we just use those for shoes. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/21m5lb1J5qL._AA300_.jpg

  • Great idea! Choosing clothes empowers them so much. I organized clothes in a similar way for my 3 year old. We have very simple 6 boxes system: 1- pants, 2- tops, 3- PJs and house clothes, 4 – socks, 5 – undies, 6 – singlets. Skirts and dresses are on hangers within her reach. It works really well and my daughter, like yours, is very proud of getting dressed all by herself. I don’t normally care about matching clothes unless it is a special occasion. I also tought her some basic rules, like track pants don’t go with skirts and dresses, she has to wear tights or leggings with them. I also get her to sort her own laundry into these boxes – less work for me (I don’t worry about folding).

  • I just found this post when searching for teaching kids independence on Pinterest. Thank you so much for sharing. My boy’s bedrooms are about to get make overs!

  • This is just amazing … LOVE it!

  • Cute! I might need to do to this just for my husbands use! Everytime my husband dresses our 15 mth old, she is always in mixed/match outfits! hehe

  • Great Post !! Thanks for the inspirtaion and I am finding a way now to insert you somehow into the video…

  • Anonymous

    Love this idea! For my 3.5 yr old daughter we do bath time every night. After bath when she goes to put pj’s on she picks out her outfit. That no stressing in the am because she already picked out her clothes!

  • We use the hanging organizer but I like the drawers much better! Great idea.

  • Great idea! Just curious where you keep the rest of her clothes?

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