In Lieu’s Week in Review: Jam Packed!

This week was absolutely jam packed with activities and blog posts!  Here are some highlights from our week.  You can click on the linked text to get to the original posts. 🙂

Blog Summary of the Week:
Luke found a question mark in his cereal.

L&L played their favorite app — Cinderella — on the iPad several times.  It’s still free for download as of today!

I created In Lieu of Preschool’s first ever button!  You can grab the HTML out of the box to share!
In Lieu of Preschool

In Lieu of Preschool

We wrote about the musical we listened to last week, Annie, as the latest installment of our “The Monday Musical series” and we began listening to the musical, The Phantom of the Opera, which we’ll post about tomorrow.

I shared a few “Photo of the Daypictures from recent park trips:

I posted about our Hush Bottles and how they have worked wonders for helping L&L to calm down when they’re angry or upset:

We excitedly shared a new pre-reading curriculum we’re reviewing, All About Reading Level Pre-1.  We also completed 2 new uppercase letters from the program this week, so we’ve now done 7 of the 78 lessons.

We shared some tips for starting Lego kits with preschoolers.  Luke LOVES doing Lego kits, and Lilah is becoming interested, too!

We wrote about the latest chapter book we’ve finished, Charlotte’s Web, and the go-along movies we watched after we read it.  You can read about all the Chapter Books for Preschoolers we’ve read here.

I shared a page of all the guest posts I’ve written for other sites, as well as a page of links where In Lieu of Preschool is mentioned or linked to from other sites.  If you have any links I’ve missed or any in the future, please share and I’ll get them added!

We shared a post called “25 Ways to Occupy Preschoolers,” where we shared some of L&L’s favorite activities that really engage them.  This is a great list to keep in mind for the next time you have something important you need to get done and need your kids to stay busy for awhile!  Most of the items are educational or work on fine motor skills.

We also started taking sponsors for the blog and are thrilled to already have several signed up.  Please show your support by clicking their ads on the right sidebar and checking out their pages!  In Lieu of Preschool will only ever accept family-friendly companies and products, and when possible, I try to partner with companies that are already our personal favs!  If you are interested in sponsoring our page (having your ad placed in my right sidebar with a link to your site), having a product reviewed by us, offering a giveaway, or partnering with us in any way, please check out my Advertising page for details and contact information.  

Other Highlights from Our Week:
We also went to the Sing-A-Long Sound of Music as a family on Friday night, but I forgot to take my camera.  I was super impressed the kids stayed awake for the whole thing because the movie didn’t start until dark (it was at an outdoor amphitheater) and lasted until midnight.  We had previously watched the movie (fast forwarding through the political parts and focusing on the parts with kids), and I was really impressed that L&L could sing along to several of the songs.  It may not be the first movie that comes to mind for you when you think of movies for kids, but my two have really enjoyed it!  The Sing-A-Long was especially fun because there were actions that you were taught to do throughout the movie.  I think they play it locally every year here, so it may well become a family tradition!

Luke is now up to 19 stickers on his First 100 Words Sticker Chart!  He knows enough that he was able to spontaneously help me read parts of a bedtime story one night this week, impressing us all! 🙂  This photo is of his original chart from the post; I plan to post about the updates soon!

We have also been entered into the Circle of Moms: Top 25 Homeschooling Moms (blogs) 2012.  In Lieu of Preschool would LOVE your vote.  You can vote once every 24 hours and the contest runs until June 27, 2012 at 4pm PST.  If you enjoy In Lieu of Preschool, please VOTE for us!  You can also check out the contest to see an awesome list of other homeschooling mom blogs.  Some of our personal favs are on the list!  You can click the button below to vote. 🙂

My Favorite Story of the Week:
Luke (age 4) is very into monster trucks and has a bunch of them.  One night he asked his dad the name of one.  Dad replied, “Um, that one is Big Dude.”  Luke looked at the truck awhile, and said, “No, that can’t be it.  It has an “M” at the end of it.”  Dad had to tell him the *real* name of the truck — Big Dummy.  So much for getting away with censoring monster truck names from now on!!!

My Favorite Photo from the Week:
I just can’t help myself.  That lip really does melt me.

Reader Help Request for the Week:
How can you be involved with In Lieu of Preschool?  Well, in addition to interacting with us through blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest comments–which we LOVE!!!!–there are two additional ways you can help!  

#1 — I have recently resized the middle text portion of the blog (between the left and right sidebars).  This means I had to go through and resize photos that were too large and hung over the sides, too.  Well, I made it through a lot of them, but I know there are a bunch left to do, so whenever you read a post that has incorrectly sized photos, if you’d let me know, I’ll get them fixed right away!  Thanks!

#2 — I’d love to start posting reader questions on the blog.  I’ll give my best answer to the question and open it up for readers’ suggestions via the comments.  If you have a question you’d like to see featured on the In Lieu of Preschool blog, please send me your question via comment, Facebook, or email — inlieuofpreschool (at) gmail (dot) com.  I’m really looking forward to these!


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