Lenten Plan 2012: Reading the Whole Jesus Storybook Bible in 44 Days

As part of Our Preschool Plan for Lent, we are reading the entire Jesus Storybook Bible in 44 days.  It just so happens that the 40th story is the Resurrection story, so it aligns perfectly with the 40 days of Lent and leaves just 4 stories to complete as follow-up after Easter. 🙂

Due to some questions about what day/story we’re supposed to be on if you’re following along with Our Preschool Plan for Lent 2012 and my own constant counting of days and stories to be sure I’m on the right one, I decided to type out a calendar to make things a little easier for all of us!  

If you’re behind, PLEASE feel free to still join in — start at the beginning and read a story in the morning and a story in the evening to catch up, start on the day we’re on now and go from there, or start at the beginning and work through at your own pace — it’s up to you, but reading the Bible to your kids is always a good idea no matter when you do it!  🙂  Also, Sundays are not included in the counting of the 40 days, so those make good “catch-up” days, too!

Following this plan, your child will get an overview of the whole Bible in just 44 days!!!  I’m reading the stories to 4 children ages 14 months, 2 years, 2-1/2 years, and just turned 4, and they all seem to love it!

Lenten Calendar 2012
for reading 
in 44 days

From the Old Testament

Day #1: 
Ash Wednesday, February 22
“The Story and the Song”
pg. 12

Day #2:
Thursday, February 23
“The beginning: a perfect home”
pg. 18

Day #3: 
Friday, February 24
“The terrible lie”
pg. 28

Day #4: 
Saturday, February 25
“A new beginning”
pg. 38

1st Sunday of Lent: 
February 26

Day #5: 
Monday, February 27
“A giant staircase to heaven”
pg. 48

Day #6: 
Tuesday, February 28
“Son of laughter”
pg. 56

Day #7: 
Wednesday, February 29
“The present”
pg. 62

Day #8: 
Thursday, March 1
“The girl no one wanted”
pg. 70

Day #9: 
Friday, March 2
“The forgiving prince”
pg. 76

Day #10: 
Saturday, March 3
“God to the rescue!”
pg. 84

2nd Sunday of Lent: 
March 4

Day #11: 
Monday, March 5
“God makes a way”
pg. 92

Day #12: 
Tuesday, March 6
“Ten ways to be perfect”
pg. 100

Day #13: 
Wednesday, March 7
“The warrior leader”
pg. 108

Day #14: 
Thursday, March 8
“The teeny, weenie…true king”
pg. 116

Day #15: 
Friday, March 9
“The young hero and the horrible giant”
pg. 122

Day #16: 
Saturday, March 10
“The Good Shepherd”
pg. 130

3rd Sunday of Lent: 
March 11

Day #17: 
Monday, March 12
“A little servant girl and the proud general”
pg. 136

Day #18: 
Tuesday, March 13
“Operation ‘No More Tears'”
pg. 144

Day #19: 
Wednesday, March 14
Daniel and the scary sleepover
pg. 152

Day #20: 
Thursday, March 15
“God’s messenger”
pg. 160

Day #21: 
Friday, March 16
“Get ready!”
pg. 170

From the New Testament

Day #22: 
Saturday, March 17
“He’s here!”
pg. 176

4th Sunday of Lent: 
March 18

Day #23: 
Monday, March 19
“The Light of the whole world”
pg. 184

Day #24: 
Tuesday, March 20
“The King of all kings”
pg. 192

Day #25: 
Wednesday, March 21
“Heaven breaks through”
pg. 200

Day #26: 
Thursday, March 22
“Let’s go!”
pg. 208

Day #27: 
Friday, March 23
“A little girl and a poor frail lady”
pg. 214

Day #28: 
Saturday, March 24
“How to pray”
pg. 222

5th Sunday of Lent: 
March 25

Day #29: 
Monday, March 26
“The Singer”
pg. 228

Day #30: 
Tuesday, March 27
“The Captain of the storm”
pg. 236

Day #31: 
Wednesday, March 28
“Filled full!”
pg. 244

Day #32: 
Thursday, March 29
“Treasure hunt!”
pg. 250

Day #33: 
Friday, March 30
“The friend of little children”
pg. 256

Day #34: 
Saturday, March 31
“The man who didn’t have any friends (none)”
pg. 264

Palm Sunday: 
April 1

Day #35: 
Monday, April 2
“Running away”
pg. 272

Day #36: 
Tuesday, April 3
“Washed with tears”
pg. 280

Day #37: 
Wednesday, April 4
“The Servant King”
pg. 286

Day #38: 
Holy Thursday, April 5
“A dark night in the garden”
pg. 294

Day #39: 
Good Friday, April 6
“The sun stops shining”
pg. 302

Day #40: 
Holy Saturday, April 7
“God’s wonderful surprise”
pg. 310

Easter Sunday:
April 8


Day #41: 
Monday, April 9
“Going home”
pg. 318

Day #42: 
Tuesday, April 10
“God sends help”
pg. 326

Day #43: 
Wednesday, April 11
“A new way to see”
pg. 334

Day #44: 
Thursday, April 12
“A dream of heaven”
pg. 342

If you are following along already, or decide to join in, please leave a comment below or on our Facebook page!  We’d love to have as many people as possible reading along with us, so please share!!

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    We love the Jesus Storybook Bible. I paln to do this for Easter 2013. We are doing something similiar for Christmas but we only have 24 stories to read up to Jesus’ birth.

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