Love the Journey — Homeschooling Principles to Practices

Do you know the feeling you get when you find something so exciting you just can’t wait to share it? Well, that’s exactly how I feel right now! I have stumbled upon a brand new homeschool book titled Love the Journey – Homeschooling Principles to Practices. It’s written to encourage teaching moms…especially those who are just starting out!

That dynamic certainly applies to me, and if you’re here reading my blog, my guess is it just might be of interest to you, too, even if you’re just “maybe, possibly, sort of in the beginning stages of thinking about considering homeschool.”  Yes, that is totally a real thing.  I’ve been there!

Love the Journey
Homeschooling Principles to Practices

Love the Journey

About the Author, Marcia Somerville

First let me tell you a little about the author, Marcia Somerville. Marcia is a K-12 homeschooling mother of six, who when faced with the dilemmas of trying to educate all of her children in every subject, was about ready to throw in the towel. Thankfully she didn’t. Instead she ended up creating the classical Christian curriculum that came to be known as Tapestry of Grace. Marcia has since graduated all six of her children using her teaching methodologies, and all six went on to graduate from colleges and universities. Marcia’s curriculum, Tapestry of Grace, is used by thousands today, and has won many awards.

About Love the Journey

Love the Journey is like sitting down with Marcia and getting to hear her best advice over coffee. Yes, please! It’s the words of a successful veteran homeschool mother, teacher, and curriculum writer written directly to me, the new homeschool mom who is trying to do my best for my children, but who admittedly has doubts and struggles and lots of unknowns to deal with at the beginning of this journey. And not only does Marcia offer advice, but she gives encouragement. And she does it all from a Christian perspective. Here is the company’s statement of faith for reference.

Read the Free Sample Chapters

I could go on and on about how excited I am about this book, but instead, I’ll just link you to the free introductory material and sample chapters so you can see for yourself! I need to get back to my reading anyway! 😉

Stay Tuned — There’s More to Come!!

While Love the Journey is a completely stand alone book, it was actually written as a companion to the brand new program, Tapestry Primer, which is another thing that has me so excited I can hardly sleep. True story! This new curriculum is meant for families whose oldest child is in kindergarten or 1st grade, and is designed as a gentle one (or two) year introduction to and preparation for the full Tapestry of Grace program. Stay tuned for another post in the next day or two where I’ll give you all the juicy details!! This is what we’ll be using for the coming school year! 🙂

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