Make Your Own Reading Rods using Lego Duplo Blocks

If you have a beginning reader, you can make your own reading rods for some word play fun!  Read all about how to craft your own here.

I wrote this post about a year ago, so I thought I would re-share since the site has grown so much since then and this post was one of my favorites.  Click here to find out how to make your very own set of letter manipulatives.

Once you have these made, you can have your child practice spelling their sight words, their spelling words, or even make them some phonics words they can practice reading.  My 4 year old son loves these, and I would imagine kids all the way through the elementary grades would enjoy using them for various word games.  Younger children could even use these to match up letters that are the same or put letters in alphabetical order.  Have fun!! 🙂

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