Merry Christmas Letter Play for Kids


Christmas bath time for kids

Our shower time today was pretty simple to set up, yet packed a big punch in the categories of fun and learning!!  The basic plan was the kids would make and match letters, and when they completed the whole activity, I’d tell them the “secret” Christmas message they had created!  Secret message activities are soooo simple for kids who aren’t really reading yet and they think they are so cool!!

This is how the shower was set up for the kids:

Christmas bath time for kids


L&L got into the shower for a little messy sensory play before we turned the water on for the actual shower!

They followed the wonderful scent straight to my amazing new creation:  Peppermint Scented Yarn Paint!

Peppermine scented yarn paint for the bath or shower

This stuff is special!!

It looks like snow, smells like candy canes, feels great to run your hands through, and when individual pieces of wet yarn are pulled from the bowl, they can easily be shaped!  Plus they stick!  That makes Peppermint Scented Yarn Paint PERFECT for making letters!!

This stuff is the Wikki Stix of the bath tub!!

Peppermint Scented Yarn Paint = lengths of yarn, plain yogurt, peppermint extract

L&L had fun choosing a foam letter and dipping it into the water bucket to ensure it would “magically” stick to the shower wall later.

Then they’d dig around in the Peppermint Scented Yarn Paint for bits of yarn to shape into their chosen letter.  I included pieces of varying short lengths so they’d have to hunt around for the size they needed.

Once L&L had created the letter with their yarn paint, they’d find it’s match on the shower wall written with bath crayon.  The foam shapes would “magically” stick to the wall…

…and before long, they had finished the secret message:



L&L went on to decorate the snowflakes in the shower using the yarn paint, too.

When they were ready for the shower water to be turned on for some water play, we gathered all the yarn bits and I took them out of the shower since we didn’t want any sliding down the drain!

I squeezed the liquid out of the yarn, removed it from the shower, and left the Peppermint Scented Paint (minus the yarn) for the kids to play with in the shower, along with a bowl of water and two paintbrushes.

L&L had fun using the Peppermint Scented Paint to trace the letters on the wall with their fingers and with the paint brushes.  Lilah even used it for a little body painting!

When the kids were done playing, all the paint washed off easily and we left the foam shapes on the shower walls to dry.  Gotta love easy clean-up!

Materials Used for our Merry Christmas Shower:
*Craft Foam in Christmas shapes
*Permanent Marker
*Bath Crayons
*Peppermint Scented Yarn Paint
*Bowls & Paint Brushes (optional)


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Bath and shower activities should be closely supervised by an adult at all times.  None of the products used in this post stained our tub or shower walls in any way, but please test before use to ensure you will obtain the same results.   

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