More Mosaic Board Fun!

Remember that fun (and cheap!) little mosaic peg board I bought about a week ago?  (If not, be sure to check out this post — Big Plans for a Little Mosaic Board!)

Well, yesterday I got it out again and drew the letter “A” on the board using a dry-erase marker.  (I think a wet-erase would work fine, too.)

Luke was pretty excited when he saw it.  (He is 3 years, 3 months old for reference.)  I showed him how to put pegs into the holes following the lines of the letter.  I modeled using two or three pegs, and then let him do it himself.  

 (Yes, my kids do have an obsession with Mardi Gras necklaces!! LOL)

 He was so focused on the task the entire time!

Love that concentration!  His attention span and fine motor skills have increased dramatically since we started doing what Luke fondly refers to as “work” about a year ago.  He says he’s got to do work like Daddy does work.

He did a great job!  (Please ignore the very runny nose.  Poor kid has a cold!!)

Here’s Luke’s completed letter “A”!  The first thing he said when he finished, “I want to show Daddy when he comes home from work!”  So of course, we left it completed on the table until Dad was able to see it for himself. 🙂

Other ideas for things you could draw/write on the mosaic board:
*child’s name
*short words (cat, dog, etc.)
*simple picture outlines (flower, tree, sun, car, animals)

We will certainly be blogging about more fun things we come up with using our mosaic board in the near future!!  If you have any ideas, we’d love to hear them!!! 🙂

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