More on Fine Motor Skills

If you haven’t seen my other posts on fine motor skills, catch up here and here first!

Here are some general activities that lend well to practicing fine-motor skills:

  • Playing with play dough
    • provide tools such as a rolling pin, cookie cutters, kid scissors, plastic or wooden cutting utensils, etc.
Luke using the letter “Y” cookie cutter and a rolling pin
  • Water table, sand box, sensory box, and bath tub play
    • provide cups, funnels, measuring spoons, sponges, etc.
Luke, at age 2, practicing pouring using our “make-do” water table.
Playing with funnels, at ages 2-1/2 and almost 1 in the kiddie pool.
Sensory box play — with animal figurines and measuring cup scoops

  • Letting the kids help you in the kitchen
    • Let them stir, pour, scoop, transfer, etc. 
We love the Learning Tower for making it easy and safe for the kids to help in the kitchen!
  • Building with blocks
Luke said he was building “Daddy’s work” 🙂
  • Arts and crafts activities
Lilah stamping — 21 months old

Painting the driveway with sidewalk chalk paint and foam brushes — Luke 3yo, Lilah 21 months
Painting with water on our Buddha Boards
What are some of your child’s favorite ways to practice their motor skills?

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