More Painting with Cars

This is the 2nd time we’ve tried painting with cars and trucks.  It’s L&L’s new favorite art activity, and it’s one of the most fun for me to watch and photo document as well.  To read the details of how we set it up, check out our first post: Painting with Cars.

I add finger paint to the paper.  The dark rectangle is a shadow from the window and lamp.

Lilah was waiting eagerly to get started.

So was Luke.

I used the opportunity to get them to pose nicely for me…for once!

Smile, Lilah!

…and then they were off!

I love how they drove the cars all around the paper this time!

We added some new vehicles to the mix this time.  I paid special attention to add lots of different tire types.

I just love the abstract art this creates and the vibrant colors!

The bulldozer was a really fun addition!

Watch them scrape this paint!

I love how it plowed the paint!

Of course Lilah had to get her hands involved!

Lilah dives right in with both hands!

Lilah has always been my sensory girl.

The bulldozer got pretty dirty but it cleaned up rather well!

Stay tuned for another post of the completed and dried work.  I’ve been using snapshots of their abstract “car track art” as a slide show background on my laptop.  LOVE it! 🙂

I also have plans to cut some of it up to make cards at the suggestion of a reader.  If it works out, I’ll definitely be sharing! 

Have you tried painting with an unusual object?  

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