More Sticker Charts: Alphabet, Numbers, & Colors

After seeing Luke’s sight word sticker chart, Lilah (2-1/2yo) was feeling a little left out.  So, I made her a few sticker charts of her own: alphabet, numbers, and colors.  This is something I should have been keeping better track of anyway!  Poor second child…

Sticker charts are great because they show you at a glance what your child knows and doesn’t know.  They’re a great assessment tool, and they make it a lot easier to plan what to work on!  The coolest part to me is that my kids LOVE them and will ask me to “quiz” them to see if they’ve earned any more stickers yet.  I thought about offering an incentive for when the entire sheet is filled with stickers, but L&L are so happy just earning the stickers that I think I’ll leave it at that for now.  Obviously we will all be very proud when a sheet is completed, and we might just do an impromptu celebration anyway!

After deciding to make the charts, I remembered our printer is currently out of ink.  Never Fear!  I did finally remember to order some more, but it’ll still be several days before it arrives!  So instead of printing Lilah some fancy charts, I took a few minutes and made these by hand using construction paper and markers.  How 20th century, right? 😉

I left off “white” on this chart.

Following the same rules that govern Luke’s sticker charts, Lilah will have to show me 3 consecutive and separate times that she can identify an item before she earns a sticker.  I plan to let her stick the sticker directly under or on top of whatever item it is that she’s mastered.  For the alphabet chart, she can earn a sticker for the uppercase letter and a sticker for the lowercase letter.  I think we’ll also circle the letter when she can identify the sound as well.  

I’ll use the charts themselves, flashcards we own, and just general day-to-day “life” to check her mastery of the items.  

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