No Plan for Dinner? It’s all Gravy! …and a mighty good giveaway, too!

McCormick gravy

While I do the majority of our cooking from scratch and try to ensure our diet is made up of mostly organic, whole, and real foods, I’ll be the first to admit that doesn’t always happen.  Still, I try to do what’s best for my family food-wise, even in a pinch.

Take last tonight for instance.  I looked at the clock.  It was 5:30pm and I had no plan for dinner.  Am I the only one this happens to???  To make matters worse, I had made our usual go-to “quick” meal — spaghetti — the previous night.  Having a 3 and a 4 year old means I need to get dinner on the table at a fairly consistent time or the kids tend to get moody, and grumpy, and whiny, and then the whole evening falls apart for EVERYONE!  I knew I needed a meal, and quick!

So what did I do?  

Call for take-out?  

We didn’t have TV dinners either.  
Do they even still make those???  

I didn’t start raiding our freezer for pre-cooked meals that would take forever to heat…

and I didn’t even resort to the classic emergency food: macaroni and cheese!


We still had a very real meal that I could probably pass off to you as being from scratch.  No?

This is what we had.  And it was all ready in under 10 minutes!  

Here’s how
I called and asked DH to pick up a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store on his way home from work.  Meanwhile, I heated frozen peas and a frozen rice blend.  I was really looking forward to a nice, relaxing meal with my family after a somewhat rushed day, so I pulled out something special I had planned to save for Thanksgiving to make the meal feel more homemade — McCormick Turkey Gravy.  


I was given three packets of Turkey Gravy to review by McCormick and what better time to try out a product claiming to be easy to prepare and to come out perfectly every time than when you’re in a super pinch.  I like to keep products honest here on In Lieu of Preschool! 🙂  

To take it one step further and be totally forthcoming, I had never ever even made gravy before in my life.  I’ve heard kitchen horror stories about how often homemade gravy turns out to be lumpy, but I’ve never tried it myself.  All I know is that making THIS gravy couldn’t have been quicker or easier.  I even did it in the microwave!  Dump packet contents into container, add water, heat, stir, heat, stir.  Gravy!  It came out the perfect consistency and texture, and it smelled delicious, too.  

While I tend to be wary of many packaged foods, I was happy to note this one is made with natural spices, no artificial flavors or colors, no MSG, and has 0 grams of trans fat!  

The gravy was the star of the meal!  I served it in little sauce cups for the kids since I wasn’t sure what their reaction would be…

…but before us adults could even sit down at the table, our 3 year old had tasted it and decided she wanted it on not just her chicken, but on her rice and peas, too!  

Our 4 year old preferred to dip:

DH and I ate the gravy on our chicken.  I might have had a second helping, but I’ll never tell. 😉  

I just love meals with my family!! 

I will have to restock on gravy now before Thanksgiving as I shared the other two packets with my mom and sister to see what meals they’d come up with, but I think I’ll grab several packets when I’m at the grocery store.  I think it’ll be nice to keep a packet or two stashed away for when I want a regular meal to be a little more special.  It really did the trick for us last night and it was so quick and easy!

Maybe next time if I’m not so rushed, I’ll even play around with the gravy mix.  McCormick suggests adding a pinch of rubbed sage, thyme leaves, or poultry seasoning to personalize it a bit.  Sounds yummy!  You can see more ideas on the McCormick Turkey Gravy Mix Page.

Here’s the good ‘ole Southern meal my mom made using McCormick gravy: meatloaf, green beans, eggplant on one plate, and real mashed potatoes with gravy!  Man, I wish I lived closer to my mama!!

My sister served her gravy over brown rice!!  Yum!!

To learn more, visit:
Turkey Gravy Mix Page
McCormick’s Facebook Page
McCormick’s Pinterest Page


I am thrilled to be hosting a giveaway sponsored by McCormick!  One lucky winner from In Lieu of Preschool will receive a $75 prize pack including a Le Creuset Gravy Boat, a Le Creuset Condiment Ladle, and a $50 Crate & Barrel Giftcard.

The giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. age 18 and older.  Entries are tracked via Rafflecoptor.  The giveaway will run for one week.  The winner will be selected randomly and notified within 24 hours of the end of the giveaway.  The winner will have 24 hours to respond with mailing address before a new winner is selected.  Please add inlieuofpreschool (at) gmail (dot) com to your email contacts so that the potential congratulatory email doesn’t go into your SPAM folder.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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    it goes with so many recipes and can make the blandest food taste great

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    Just made their gravy this morning for a Friends Feast. Yum! Even cleaned up rather easily when it spilled in the back of the van. 🙂

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