No Water Table? No Worries!


Looking at old photos, I came across several “make-do” water tables we used before DH built us one.  I just thought I’d post these to show you that you don’t need a fancy water table to have lots of fun!  

(I hope it goes without saying that you should never let your child play in or around water without strict supervision by an adult, and most especially when using a setup that you have created since it may not be as “safe” as a commercially available product!)

Version #1: 
Clear plastic tote on the ground (porch)
March 2010

Cups and measuring cups/spoons are a big fav!

Ice cubes add some sensory fun!

Scooping and pouring!

Version #2:
Same clear plastic tote raised to more of a table-height.  
I turned a small and very sturdy tote upside down and put the clear tote on top of it.  I made sure the entire set up was VERY sturdy and not likely to tip over in any direction.
June 2011
Water Table Fishing

Fishing rods:
Large chop sticks, jute, magnet hot glued to end

Cut from colored plastic sheets (like transparencies)
Added a paperclip to make them magnetic
(Just FYI — paperclips will rust!)



Best shot of the “table” made of 2 plastic totes.

Don’t let the lack of a water table keep you from having lots of water fun this summer!  I hope this post gives you some ideas for ways to improvise!! 🙂

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