Painting Suncatchers

Looking for a fairly cheap but fun arts and craft project?  Try painting suncatchers!

The paint you need costs about $4 at Michael’s and the suncatchers themselves are priced between $0.49 and $0.99/each (Don’t forget there’s a 25% off your entire purchase including sale items at Michael’s through June 11th).  You can probably get bulk packs even cheaper at places like Oriental Trading.

I let L&L pick out a few that they wanted to paint since they were laid out individually at Michael’s.  Lilah picked a butterfly and a cow with googly eyes; Luke picked a bunch of balloons and a cat in a basket.

I let them paint one each yesterday.  Painting, especially trying to paint in the small spaces of the suncatcher, is a great fine motor activity.  You can also talk about colors while you’re painting, and if you want to go more advanced, you can talk about mixing colors to create new ones.

Here are L&L’s finished products:  (During the actual painting process, I helped by rinsing and drying their brushes for them to switch colors, so there are no process pics.)

Luke painted the balloons and Lilah did the butterfly.  Now I just need to get some hangers — I think I’m going to order these from Amazon: Suction Cup Hangers Pack of 50 for $9.99, unless I find a better deal in the next few days; I didn’t see any at Michael’s while I was there.

These suncatchers will look so cute hanging in our kitchen windows this summer!  The kids get such a kick out of hanging up their work, and they love to show it off to anyone willing to take a look! 🙂

The paint is enough to paint LOTS of suncatchers, so I actually picked up a bunch more on a return trip to Michael’s yesterday.  I was thinking these would make great “gifts” for the kids to send to grandparents, too. 🙂

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