Painting with Cars

(aka L&L’s new favorite art activity)

After seeing this blog post by NutureStore pinned on Pinterest, I knew it’d be right up L&L’s alley, especially Luke’s.  This kid has intensely loved cars since he learned to crawl.  Lilah has quite the affinity for cars, too.  And both kids ask to paint almost every day!

So, without further ado, here is our version of painting with cars:
(We had a little friend over who helped us try it out; hence the 3rd kid you’ll catch glimpses of in the pics below!)

Here’s the finished product while still wet:

Here it is dry:

And here is the piece I cut out for our little friend to take home.  This was from the end he mostly painted on. 🙂

A few notes about what we did:

  • I used a paper roll and tore off enough to nearly cover the table.
  • I taped the paper down with scotch tape.
  • I used finger paint as the medium.  I just squirted different colors here and there on the paper.
  • I tried to pick out some of Luke’s older cars (so he wouldn’t care if they got messed up) and also ones with interesting and different tire treads.  There was one monster truck with rubbery, grippy tires that made really awesome tracks.  Luke picked up on that right away and claimed it for his own!
  • I took the kids’ shirts off, but left on their pants.  It made clean-up really easy and I don’t think anyone got anything on them that didn’t wipe right off.
  • This was all about the process for us, not the product.  The kids even got into it with just their hands towards the end.  The paper actually got ripped in a few places, and it was so wet that it ripped more as it was drying.  Still I think it turned out neat enough that I’m going to cut out several sections to save/display and I might even make one the background on my laptop. 🙂

Do your kids have any favorite art/craft activities?

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