Painting WITH Pumpkins: Art Exploration with Preschoolers

Painting with pumpkins

Remember last week when I told you we spent a whole afternoon painting WITH pumpkins?  Well I was so excited then to tell you about the Rolling Pumpkin Paint Stamp we invented that I didn’t get into the other fun ways we experimented with paint and pumpkins, but now I’m back to tell you all about them!  A big thank you goes to Putti’s World for inspiring our painting with pumpkins exploration!!  Here is the post that initially inspired us, but be sure to stop by her site and browse around a bit because she has lots of really cool pumpkin posts!!  

Technique #1:
First we tried simple pumpkin printing.  To do this, we simply popped the stem off the mini pumpkin, dipped the top into paint, and pressed onto the paper.  

Painting with pumpkins
pumpkin printing
printing with primary colors
mixing primary colors
kids art
circular art created by printing with pumpkins and paint

Technique #2:
Next, we used the same technique again but once the pumpkin was placed onto the paper, we twisted it around.  This was my favorite technique because it created pretty swirls of colors that resembled flowers / roses.

exploring art techniques with kids
boy painting with a pumpkin
Pretty painted flower
flowers painted by pumpkins
paint swirls
Lilah's painting
A Dozen Roses

Technique #3:
Third, we tried covering the pumpkin in paint and then rolling it across the paper.  Lilah really got into this technique and was quite good at it!  I was amazed her little pumpkin managed to stay on the table the whole time, but it did!

painting with a rolling pumpkin
girl doing art
art technique by a child

This last technique led to the rolling pumpkin paint stamp idea.  You can read more about how we made it here: 

rolling pumpkin paint stamp

When we finished with all our pumpkin painting for the day, I simply rinsed our mini pumpkins off and saved them to paint another day.  I saved the stems, too, with plans to glue them back on! 🙂

Painting with Pumpkins Pinterest image pin me!
We had a blast painting WITH pumpkins this fall!!  
Can you think of any other ways to paint WITH pumpkins???

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  • I love these ideas! Especially the rolling pumpkin stamp! We are trying these for sure.

  • Darcy says:

    Nice Idea, I adore those kids!

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