Play Dough { Monsters & Creatures } Round-Up!

play dough monsters

One day this week the kids had been playing with some of our homemade play dough for awhile but were starting to get bored.  I needed them to stay engaged for another 10 minutes while I got something important done, so I went over to the craft cabinet and pulled out googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and Q-tips.  I laid the new supplies on the table for L&L to add to their play dough creations, and told them to make some monsters!  They got right to work creating all kinds of creatures!  Simply adding those few extra materials sparked at least another 30 minutes of imaginative play

L&L, who watch almost no television, really cracked DH and I up when they started calling their critters “Cookie Monsters.”

cookie monster

It was so much fun, we actually made monsters and other creatures several times this week, which was perfect for Halloween, but can be done any time of year!  Each time we played, I’d add something new so that we ended up trying out beads, sequins, rocks, and wooden spoons in addition to the original materials I gave them.  I also added a plastic fork and knife for extra play dough manipulation fun!

Here are some more of our MONSTER creations:

in lieu of preschool play dough monsters

It really is amazing to give kids materials and see what they can come up with on their own!!  It’s also a lot of fun to play along WITH them!  I’m really not sure if they learn more from me or if I learn more from them!!

Want more ideas?  

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monster round up

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play dough monster creatures and aliens  play dough monsters and creatures

Have you made play dough monsters or creatures with your child before?

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  • Ohhh we love playdough Monsters. Thank you so much for including ours and I’ve shared this it’s so much fun to create and let their imagination go wild.

  • Adorable!! Just pinned to my preschool board, thanks for all of your hard work and putting together such a fun round up! : )

    Pink and Green Mama,

  • Such fun ideas! My son found the googly eyes today and added them to his play dough. He’d love seeing all of these monsters. 🙂

  • Oooh, play dough monsters are fun, fun, fun!

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    thanks so much for sharing our post! love to see all these fun activities!

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