Preschool & Tot Packs in Action!

Yesterday I posted about some great printable Preschool & Tot Packs that I found on the 1+1+1=1 blog.  If you missed that post, you can check it out by clicking here – Something Borrowed: CARS Preschool Pack.

Today, I thought I’d show you a few of the printables in action!  These printables come from the Cars Preschool Pack, the Cars Tot Book, and the 5 Little Monkeys Tot Pack.  I printed everything on card stock and laminated it because I think these will be used A LOT!!

(For reference, Luke is 39 months and Lilah is 21 months.)

Here are the 3-part shape cards from the CARS Preschool Pack:

Here Luke is looking for the word “hexagon” by comparing the word in his hand to the ones at the bottom of the rug.  Great visual discrimination activity!!  (On a side note, please excuse the fact that my potty-trained son prefers to spend most of his days in his underwear.  At least they aren’t on inside-out and backwards at the moment!) 🙂

 All done!

Using the rug is an idea taken from Montessori.  It gives the child a “space” for working.  With this many cards, it was great for helping Luke organize the cards and keep them together; it would have been much too difficult for him to do this on a table, and the open floor would have been too…well, open!  Cards would have been everywhere!  The rug had a clearly defined space and all the cards stayed on it!  The rug’s texture also helped Luke be able to pick up the thin cards which can be difficult on a flat table or floor space.

Here is the “Counting Cars” activity from the Cars Tot Book:

 There are 10 cards in the set.

 Here’s Luke deciding which number comes next.

 After he adds a new card, he reads through all the numbers to see if he’s correct.  (If you notice…he’s not!)

 But by rereading all the numbers each time, he easily finds and corrects his own mistakes. 🙂

 Here he is reading through all the numbers one last time…

Yay!  It’s complete!

It is super easy as a parent to see mistakes your child makes (like Luke’s numbers out of order above) and want to jump in to correct them right away.  HOWEVER, allowing your child time to find and correct their own mistakes builds independence and self-confidence, not to mention it makes them careful checkers of their work.  If they know someone is always watching over their shoulder ready to correct them, that may not be the case.

Here are “Monkey Sizes” and “Retelling” from the 5 Little Monkeys Tot Pack — Lilah’s first!!:

 This first activity is the “Monkey Sizes” activity.

Again, we used the mat to define the work space (and keep her brother who was riding his fire truck off of her work!!).

I modeled the activity for her from biggest to smallest and from smallest to biggest, then let her practice.  I gave LOTS of guidance as this is the first “work” she’s ever really done.

 Once she got them all in order (with a little help), she counted all her monkeys!  1-2-3-4-5!

She was SO proud of herself!!

This activity is the “Retelling.”  It contains pieces so that the children can retell (or sing and act out) the story of the 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.  Luke was handling the monkeys and Lilah was managing the doctor.

 Here is “mama called the doctor…” 🙂  L&L loved using my picture for this!

Here are those naughty monkeys jumping on the bed!  L&L had lots of fun singing and acting this out.  I noticed Luke was able to sing the song with the numbers counting down much better with the visual of having the monkeys right in front of him.

I think this would be neat to turn into a flannel board activity, too.  I think if I glued a small piece of sandpaper to the back of each piece, they’d stick to our flannel board!!


Now don’t think these are the only activities in the packs — they’re not!  Those packs are chock full of activities; these were just the ones we happened to be working on while I had my camera out today. 🙂

If you haven’t already checked out 1+1+1=1‘s blog, you should definitely go there now!  The packs take a little bit of prep time on your part to print, laminate (if you choose to), and cut them out, but the fun and learning that ensues makes it all worth it!!!

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