Printable Homework and Morning Work – and how I’m using it in my kindergarten homeschool!

This past year I have been doing kindergarten homeschool with my oldest child, who just turned 6. By mid-year, his reading and math skills were advanced enough that I wanted to introduce him to some independent work — both for the additional benefits and challenges that would provide him, as well as for having something on hand for when he wanted “to do something” but I was busy helping my 4 year old preschooler or doing something around the house. I dare not say I was looking for some busy work, but yes, I needed something to keep him busy at times…I digress… πŸ™‚Β  Then I found these great printable homework and morning work packets!

I knew that a fellow blogger, Emily from Second Story Window, had some amazing first and second grade printable homework and morning work sets that aligned with the Common Core (a set of standards that most public schools around the nation are now following), and after perusing her site and her store on Teachers Pay Teachers, I knew her 1st grade morning work and 1st grade homework work packets would be a good fit for my son! It WOULD indeed keep him busy, but it was also well-rounded, well-planned, and well, just what I was looking for!

printable homework

Printable Morning Work and Homework

Luke has been using the first grade printable homework and morning work setsΒ the past few months now. In the beginning, I had to sit with him and answer questions as he completed his work, but within a few days he was able to do most of the work independently. I love that reading the directions for each part is giving him more experiences reading for a purpose, and that the sheets cover both reading and math skills! As a homeschooler, I also enjoy knowing that we are covering Common Core standards that are being taught in classrooms, so that if my son does go into the school system, he’ll be right on track with his peers. Additionally, checking over my son’s work when he completes a page helps me to get a quick snapshot of the things he really understands and the things I need to spend more time on with him. If I see there is something he doesn’t understand, I can give him a quick one-on-one mini-lesson on the topic, and then pay attention to the next time he comes across a similar question to see if he has mastered it or still needs extra help. I won’t even mention the fact that he LOVES doing this work! πŸ˜‰

printable homework

Other reasons I love Second Story Window’s printable homework and morning work bundles:

  • It would take me a long time to create this on my own, but Emily and her sister Heidi, who teach/taught second grade, have already created this AND it’s nicely formatted to boot!
  • The product isn’t free, but it is VERY reasonably priced for how much work you get AND I love the fact that almost all the money actually goes to the creators’ of the product (versus into some big publishing company’s pockets).
  • It was created by classroom teachers!
  • The format is very kid-friendly; it is designed to be independent work!
  • The images and text are very clear and precise.
  • The packet(s) you receive can be downloaded, so you can use them for multiple students in a classroom or homeschool.
  • You can print the entire packet at once, or sheet by sheet as needed.

printable homework

How do WE use the printable homework and morning work packets in our homeschool?

I created a binder for morning work and a binder for homework. I printed the first 50 pages or so of each packet and put them into the proper binder. My son can choose to work on these as he pleases, or I can direct him to get his notebook and complete his work for the day. I typically check his work after each page is completed so that I can provide him with immediate feedback.

printable homework

Want to win a bundle?

Emily at Second Story Window has graciously allowed me to give away 2 complete bundles of morning work, homework, and the homework add-on pack!!!

The winners can choose if they want the 1st or 2nd grade set. Winners also have the choice of the 3rd grade morning work set instead, but there is no 3rd grade homework packet to go along as that is still in the works!!

Want to win? Just leave a comment below telling me which bundle you’d like to win: 1st grade, 2nd grade, or 3rd (morning work only). Be sure your email address is included so I can get in touch with you if you are one of the winners!! I will choose two random winners Sunday, March 23rd!!

printable homework

Can’t wait?

Head over to Second Story Window’s blog, the Second Story Window store on Teacher’s Pay Teachers, or the Second Story Window Etsy shop. In addition to their awesome morning work and homework packets, they have many, many more printables for pre-k through 3rd grades, so head over and check them out!!

printable homework

And, yes, my son is doing his independent work in his Spiderman footie pajamas! πŸ™‚

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Genny Upton

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  • Heather says:

    I would love a chance to win that 2nd grade pack; it looks fun! As I was reading through your post & looking at your pictures, I was thinking, “Spiderman PJs and glasses?! Too much cuteness; I think I’m in love!”. Then at the end of the post, you mention they’re footie PJs. Even cuter!!

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  • Melissa says:

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