Product Recommendation: Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair

The Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair is one of the best products for our kids we’ve ever purchased!

It’s a high chair that grows with the child and can actually even be configured as a seat for an adult.

What we love about the Tripp Trapp:

  • your child can sit at the table with you so they are included in family dinners right from the beginning
  • no tray to clean or pinch your little one’s fingers with
  • the chair is fully adjustable — both the seat and the foot rest can be moved to find the best fit for your child at your table
  • the chair can hold adults, too!
  • starting at about 18 months, our children were able to climb up into their seats themselves — this is great for promoting independence and fits in well if you are trying to employ the Montessori method
  • we’ve NEVER had the kids complain about sitting in their chairs — they LOVE them!
  • when the kids push back from the table, the chairs have NEVER even come close to tipping (we have hardwoods, I’m not sure if carpet would be an issue)
  • it looks nice in your kitchen; you can actually buy ones that match your table color if you prefer — most people don’t even recognize them as high chairs because they blend in so well
  • very solid construction
  • easy to clean
  • when we finish needing these chairs, we can probably sell them for a decent return on our money (especially since we bought them used)

The price tag on these chairs is a little over $200 on Amazon and there are LOTS of colors to choose from.  It seems they are constantly adding new colors!!

We actually found both of ours on Craigslist for around $80/each and we also found one on Craigslist for a cousin for a mere $25, so if you are in the market, I’d definitely try to find one used first.  Ours are the older models with only the lap belt instead of the new 5-point harness, but they’ve worked fine for both of our kids from about 9 months on up.  (In actuality, I’d probably prefer the older model to the one w/the new baby seat…I like the simplicity of the old one.)

They make accessories for the Tripp Trapp such as seat cushions, but we don’t have any.  I personally think it’d just be a big mess to clean up constantly, and they seem plenty comfortable without them.  But man, are they cute!!!

In the end, we just absolutely LOVE these high chairs!!  If you’re in the market, definitely check them out!

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  • Anonymous

    We love our Stokke, too! (Thankfully it was a gift.) The padding is a pain to keep clean, but it also doubles as a crumb catcher. 😉 We also had the baby rail for when our daughter was much younger, and that was great for keeping her safe.

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