Reading Strategy Tip #1: Making Real-Life Connections

This is the first in a series of posts about reading strategies I model and use with my own children–Luke, a month shy of 4 years old, and Lilah, 29 months.  Hopefully some of these strategies will be helpful to you as well. 🙂

Reading Strategy Tip #1:
Making Real-Life Connections

I always wonder how much Luke actually gets out of the chapter books we read.  It definitely makes me feel good when I hear him make real-life connections to literature because it shows he is thinking about what we’ve read.

Tonight we bought him a bike and helmet for his upcoming birthday.  He was so excited!  One of the first things he said was, “Now I have a crash helmet just like Ralph!”  (We finished reading The Mouse & the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary a few days ago.)

To help your child start making connections to things they’ve read, begin by modeling it for them: “This reminds me of (a part in a book you’ve read) because _____________.”

For example: “Hey, baking cookies with you makes me think about The Gingerbread Man; I hope OUR cookies don’t try to run away like he did!”

Making connections is a GREAT reading strategy to help increase comprehension, and it’s never too early to start! 🙂


Teaching reading is my passion.  I taught reading in public school for 7 years: 5 years in a 5th grade classroom, and 2 years as a K-5 reading intervention specialist.  I have a master’s degree in Reading Education and hold National Board Certification in Reading/Language Arts: Early and Middle Childhood.  I also personally love to read. 🙂

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