Reindeer Footprint Art Christmas Keepsake on Canvas

Two years ago the kids and I crafted a few Christmas keepsake art projects and those keepsakes have been my absolute favorite holiday decorations to unpack each Christmas since! The first were our handprint Christmas trees, and the other, which I never shared here on the blog before, were our Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Footprint Christmas Art on canvas. I absolutely adore how cute and quirky these deer turned out! This is a simple project you can make with your kids now and enjoy together for many holidays to come! They also make fabulous gifts for parents and grandparents!!

reindeer footprint art

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Footprint Christmas Keepsake Art on Canvas

Materials Needed:

  • canvas
  • brown and red acrylic paint
  • black permanent marker
  • googly eyes
  • glue

Making your Reindeer Footprint Art is more about logistics than anything else, as you will be painting the bottoms of your kids’ feet with paint, so have a plan for clean-up in mind before you even get started!  I had a second adult helper for this project; one of us was in charge of holding and supporting the child while the other was in charge of foot placement and actual stamping.

Bonus Tip: To make the canvas sturdy enough to stand up to a footprint getting stamped on it, we stacked a pile of magazines underneath it to provide a hard surface to press against without stretching the canvas off its frame.

The inspiration for our reindeer came from Life in Motion.


1. Paint a child’s foot with brown acrylic paint. We used foam brushes to do this. Stamp the foot firmly but carefully onto the canvas. Be sure to press down evenly before lifting. Repeat with other feet as desired for the design. Allow to dry.

2. Paint a child’s thumb with red acrylic paint. Stamp the thumb on the bottom of the brown footprint to be Rudolph’s red nose. Alternately, you could use black for regular deer or reindeer. Be sure to thoroughly coat the thumb with paint and press down firmly and evenly before lifting. Allow to dry.

3. Use a black permanent marker to draw antlers on the reindeer.

4. Glue on googly eyes. We used oval shaped eyes and Gorilla Glue as the adhesive. The eyes are still on two years later!

This was our first attempt:
reindeer footprint art
Luke’s foot on the left and Lilah’s on the right.  The red dot is their thumb prints.  This one sits on our mantel each year, on the opposite end from the hand print Christmas tree.

This was our 2nd attempt:

reindeer footprint art

This one was a Christmas present from all the grand kids to go in Granddaddy’s Lodge, aka a hunter’s “man cave.”  These are L&L’s feet (Luke’s on the ends, Lilah’s 2nd and 4th), and their one-year-old-cousin’s in the middle.  The red dots are each of their corresponding thumb prints.

Don’t forget to write the kids’ names, ages, and the year either at the bottom of the canvas or on the back!!

Aren’t these Reindeer Footprint Christmas Keepsakes just adorable???

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