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Though I have never specifically posted about any of our Montessori works on the blog before, we actually own quite a lot of them, like the sandpaper letters, red rods, number rods, the pink tower, and metal insets to name just a few!  (Thanks, Craigslist!!)  We also incorporate some of Maria Montessori’s ideologies into our home and “school” lives.

While I am a certified elementary and reading teacher, I’ve never had any specific Montessori training other than reading just about every book our library had on the topic over the last few years.  I am fascinated by Montessori’s ideas and love that I can incorporate some of them into our “home preschool” setting as well as our lives in general.

While a trained Montessori teacher would probably tell me that we do most of the works “wrong” in subtle ways I’m unaware, I do think the materials are absolutely awesome and that my children have benefited a lot from the ways we have used them…and much more so than they have been “detrimented” by ways we might have used them incorrectly…and I’m okay with that!  

My goal isn’t to give my children a full Montessori education, but rather to incorporate some of the principles and teaching techniques that I find to be really valuable and enriching, while adding our own spin on things now and then.

So please forgive me true Montessorians, but for those parents out there who are interested in Montessori but…

  • who can’t afford to send their child to a Montessori school, 
  • can’t get in to a Montessori school because of waiting lists, 
  • have no Montessori schools close by, 
  • can’t afford the teacher training for themselves and/or the teaching manuals, 
  • and/or are just looking to use some of the ideas or materials with their own children at home like I do or in a home daycare / preschool setting,

…I am going to start showing you some of the ways we use traditional Montessori materials in our home preschool (both in traditional and not so traditional ways) and how we’ve adopted some Montessori ideologies into our daily routines.  

I’m super excited to share these future posts with you in a new series on the blog I’m fondly calling { Relaxed Montessori } where the focus will be on how untrained parents (like me!) can share Montessori or Montessori-inspired teachings in ways that work for you and your little ones!  

I hope this will inspire you to take a look at what Montessori has to offer.  🙂

*If you want to learn more about Montessori, head over to Deb Chitwood’s site, Living Montessori Now and read her About Montessori post.  Deb is a long time Montessorian and she homeschooled her now grown children, so she has LOTS of great information to share!

**If you want to get a head start, our first post in the { Relaxed Montessori } series will be focused on the red rods.  If you want to be ready to try them out when I post, you can purchase them online, or make a DIY version in the meantime! 🙂

What are your thoughts on Montessori?
maria montessori methods in the home preschool

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