Rock Collection Fun

Rock collections can be lots of fun and very educational, too!  We’ve just started our own.

How do you start a rock collection?
Start talking to your kids about rocks.  Look for cool, interesting, or pretty rocks on nature walks.  Search for fossils.  Ask relatives to collect interesting rocks they find, especially if they live in different areas of the state or country.  Check out rock books from the library or buy a couple of rock guide books with nice photos.  Set up a place to store your rock collection — it can just be a small tote or bucket.

Washing your rock collection
Washing a rock collection is a great way to have a little fun while practicing fine motor skills and incorporating some sensory play.  As you can tell from the color of the water, our rocks were REALLY dirty!

Items needed for washing your rock collection:

  • Rock collection
    • The dirtier, the better…although washing a clean rock collection is still fun because the water will often change the color of the rocks or bring out more detail in them.
  • Bowl with warm water on a tray
  • Scrub brushes (I let them use my kitchen scrubbers)
  • Tray with towel to put cleaned rocks to dry
  • Waterproof mat or fleece blanket for everything to sit on (optional)

Do you have a rock collection?

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