Make Your Own Rolling Pumpkin Paint Stamp

Luke (age 4) and Lilah (age 3) experimented painting with mini pumpkins all afternoon.  We had a blast and I am going to share with you all the different techniques we tried, but towards the end of our painting experimentation session, I got an idea that turned out to be so successful and dare I say fabulous? that I’m going to jump straight to it because I just can’t keep it in any longer.  Stay tuned for our other painting-with-pumpkins techniques to come another day because TODAY we are sharing our very own ROLLING PUMPKIN PAINT STAMP and it took the cake!  You’d better watch out Stampin’ Up…we’re on a roll! (bad pun intended)

Rolling pumpkin paint stamp

Materials Needed:
* mini pumpkin(s) with the stems popped off
* corn cob skewers/holders (these are the little picks that you normally stick into the ends of a corn cob to make holding and eating it easier)
* paper (we used easel roll paper taped onto the kids’ art table)
* paint (we used washable tempera)

After you pop the stem off your mini pumpkin(s), insert corn cob skewers into the top and bottom of the pumpkin to use as roller handles.  Do beware corn cob skewers are sharp and may come out of the pumpkin while your child is rolling it, so close supervision is a must!  I talked to my kids first and simply showed them how to stick the skewer back in if it came out.  We only had one out of our 6 handles that didn’t want to stay in well. 

Put out some paint and start rolling!  We put our paint out onto plastic 32 oz. yogurt container lids, and I put two different unmixed colors onto each lid (i.e. yellow and blue, red and blue, yellow and red) so that sometimes each color would go down separately, but also sometimes mix into a new color with repeated rolls.

color mixing -- yellow and blue make green

The kids really enjoyed this activity and so did I!  We each took a spot at the table with our own pumpkin roller and then switched around so that we all got to do every color multiple times.  There was just something awesome about the pretty colors mixing on the paper and the bump-bump-bump of the rolling pumpkin that made the activity mesmerizing ..and therapeutic!  

We did this activity as a fun, seasonal, sensory, process-not-product type of art project, but I always save our “big” artwork to use as wrapping paper or to cut pieces out of to frame or glue to the front of handmade greeting cards, so it will eventually become a product of sorts.  I also took lots of photos — Who? Me? — and those are artsy and fun and worthy of display all on their own!

I’m actually going to let the photos speak for themselves here:

homemade pumpkin rolling stamp
rolling pin pumpkin painter
seasonal preschool art (Autumn/Fall)
little girl using a pumpkin for art project
Orange pumpkin paint roller by in lieu of preschool
wet paint
red paint and colors mixing
children's art display using photos and photo editing program PicMonkey
Are you worried we wasted pumpkins?  We didn’t!  We painted with these three $0.69/each mini pumpkins literally all afternoon.  When we finished, I washed the paint off of them.  I’m going to glue the stems back on and we’re going to do MORE art with them before it’s all said and done.  Just you wait and see! 😉
rolling pumpkin paint stamps image for Pinterest
 Would your child enjoy art with a pumpkin paint roller?


pumpkin painted art work image by kids
Move over stampin' up! We made our own rolling paint stamper using a pumpkin!

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    This would make awesome wrapping paper or decorated paper for cards, pictures,etc… very cool idea! 🙂

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