Secret Message Art

This was a really fun art project…for the kids and for me! 🙂

Start by using a white crayon on thick, white paper to write a secret message or draw a picture.  If you sit near a light source, you can sort of see what you’re doing!  I used paper designed for water color that I found at Michael’s for 50% off.

Next, let the child use watercolors to paint the paper or use Do-A-Dot markers to dot the page.  (You can find both at places like Michael’s, A.C. Moore, probably even Target…) 

The white crayon will resist the wetness/color and your secret message will appear!  Viola!

For our secret messages, I just wrote the kids’ names and drew a few pictures around their names (asterisks or hearts).  We used Do-a-Dot markers to dot our pages.

Alternate and Extension ideas: 

  • I think this would be a really fun way to practice learning letter names, sight words, or spelling words.  Simply write the letters or words on pieces of paper, allow your child to paint or dot the paper, and have them read the letter or word to you that they discover! 🙂
  • You could also let your child write their own secret message or picture with the white crayon or allow siblings to create messages/pictures to switch with each other. 

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