Sidewalk Chalk Scenes!

“Sidewalk Chalk Scenes” are a fun way to liven up sidewalk chalk play!  Just use sidewalk chalk to create a scene in which your child can become a part.  Then grab your camera.  Here’s what we came up with today on our first try.  

“Lilah Angel”
“Sleepy Angel”

“The Real Bat Man”
 “Bat Boy”

This is a great way for adults to get in on the sidewalk chalk fun!  Little ones can help by coloring in an outlined design if they aren’t able to actually draw the scenery themselves.  If you really want good photos, you’ll want to be elevated for your shots.  Mine are from the ground, but I’m sure you could get some pretty cool ones if you stood on a chair or ladder.

Have you tried creating a sidewalk chalk scene?  
Share your photos on my Facebook page or in our community thread on sidewalk chalk scenes!!

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