Sidewalk Chalk Writing Practice

Changing the scenery, the utensils, or the writing surface can often help to motivate a less-than-willing writer.  My 4-1/2 year old is a beginning writer who is sometimes rather reluctant.  Yesterday we were playing with sidewalk chalk on the driveway when he called me over to see what he had written all on his own and without any prompting from me!  I was especially impressed since I had never seen him write anyone’s names other than his own before!!

I made a huge deal out of how awesome it was and made sure he saw me taking photos of his work!!  I didn’t mention this to Luke as I wanted our interaction to be completely positive since he made the effort on his own to do something I know he doesn’t always like to do, but I did make mental notes that he left out the second “l” in Lilah, and I can tell on his lowercase “a” in both the words “DaD” and “LI(l)aH” that he is not starting the circle of the “a” in the right spot.  The next time we sit down together to write, I’ll be sure to work those things into a mini-lesson.   

Teaching/Parenting tip: By constantly observing and assessing your child’s work, you can custom tailor their education to best fit their current needs.  Obviously Luke is ready to write his sister’s name and the letter “a”, so now is the best time for me to make sure he is writing them correctly.  

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