Simple Sticker Christmas Trees

This is one of the easiest crafts my kids have done this Christmas!  These Christmas trees with sticker ornaments couldn’t be simpler and the kids had a lot of fun crafting them.  Coloring, painting, and using stickers are great for fine motor development which will help with future writing!! 

 Here are the very easy directions: 

1.  Print out a Christmas tree template or draw one by hand.  I found one I liked using Google Images and printed it.

2.  Color or paint the tree and trunk.  I intended for the kids to use colored pencils on ours, but Lilah, 3, wanted to paint hers, so I obliged.  She finger painted the edge of the tree and then filled in the center with a paintbrush.  Luke, 4, colored his with colored pencils.

3.  Give the kids sheets of stickers to decorate their trees.  We used sheets of round stickers to resemble ornaments.

4.  Display your child’s work!

**Optional — You can cut the tree out — or have your child cut it out — if you prefer.  It will elimate any out-of-the-lines coloring or painting and make the project look more polished.  

Merry Christmas!!

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