Snow, Snow, Snow: Art and Sensory Fun Part #2!

If you missed “Snow, Snow, Snow: Art and Sensory Fun Part #1“, start here!

Here’s how Day #2 of our project went:

First we admired how puffy the homemade snow paint dried.  Pretty cool!  We’ll definitely be making this paint again! 🙂


I taped L&L’s 3 painted circles together into snowman shapes.


Next I laid out all the materials L&L could use to make their snowmen: pom poms, cotton balls, sticks we’d gathered on a recent walk, beads, buttons, yarn, pipe cleaners, and GoGo SqueeZ and Organic Mashups squeezable fruit pouch tops that I’ve saved.

I had L&L plan what materials they wanted to use and lay out all the parts before I plugged in my glue gun.  

This took some direction on the part of DH and me since L&L basically just wanted to randomly put buttons all over their snowmen.  

We came up with pretty good compromises and once all parties were happy, I glued everything down for them using the glue gun.

Luke’s snowman

Lilah’s snowman
I think they turned out pretty cool!  L&L were pretty proud! 🙂


We hung them on their art display lines so we can all enjoy looking at them! 🙂


And then, just for fun, we drove cars in the snow (aka shaving cream) again!  I think L&L enjoy this activity almost as much as they like painting with cars. 🙂








This was a really fun 2-day project that I can definitely see us repeating again and again!

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