Snow, Snow, Snow: Art & Sensory Fun Part #1!

I find it so hard to think about it being winter right now with day after day of this crazy ~60 degree weather.  Oh, it’s gorgeous, don’t get me wrong!  But I’m afraid our chances of seeing any real snow this winter are very, very slim.  

So I’ve come to the realization that if it’s not going to snow, we’ll just have to make our own!!! 🙂

Yesterday in my Facebook news feed, I saw a link to a blog post entitled Snow Paint & Snowmen!  It’s by my all-time-favorite blogger, Carisa on her blog, 1+1+1=1.  It met my typical art project criteria of 1) not being too difficult, 2)not requiring too many supplies, and 3)it looked super fun, so I thought we’d try it! 🙂

Here was my general plan of attack:
Day #1–Paint the 3 circles (which will be assembled into snowmen on Day #2) with snow paint.  Also since we’d already have shaving cream out, I’d let the kids play with shaving cream once we were done painting to continue the “snowy” fun.  
Day #2–After the snowmen parts have dried, we’d assemble and decorate them using various materials.

Here’s how Day #1 of our project went:

First I cut circles from white card stock after tracing circles around 3 different-sized dishes (a kid’s plate, a dessert plate, and a small bowl).  

Next, I got out our plastic trays from Target and two clean, empty, plastic applesauce cups that I save for art projects.  I added some Elmer’s glue to L&L’s cups.

Then I let L&L pick what color they wanted their snow paint to be.  Luke picked purple and Lilah picked blue.  I used watercolor tubes from Michael’s ($4.99 for the whole kit) and squeezed some in.  You could leave your paint white (more like real snow) or be imaginative and experiment by adding in some food coloring, finger paint, other paint, etc.  

I wanted light, pastel colors, so you’ll soon see that I obviously used way too much, but the kids were happy with it.

Next, I added in some shaving cream — supposed to be roughly equal to the amount of glue — and we used a little wooden spoon to mix it up.  The kids mixed it a bit themselves and then I gave it a good stir to get it all combined.

Then they painted.  They used their fingers to paint one circle at a time.  As they’d finish one, I’d move it over to another table and lay it on newsprint to dry.

Lilah exploring her sense of touch!

This is how you scratch your nose if it itches and your hands are covered in paint! 🙂

The “snow paint” will supposedly dry puffy! 🙂

When they finished all 3 circles, we washed their hands in the sink to get off most of the color.  Then we went back to the table and added shaving cream to their trays; I didn’t bother to clean the trays first since I knew they’d get washed at the end.  

L&L had picked out some of Luke’s cars before starting our project, and they drove the cars all around in the shaving cream, which looked like snow.

It was literally silent for about 10 minutes as they were so enthralled with driving the cars in the shaving cream.  They drove cars, made tracks, rubbed their hands in the shaving cream, buried the cars in snow drifts….  They probably spent a good 30 minutes playing with the cars in the “snow”.  

When it was time for clean up, I turned on the shower and Luke, Lilah, 2 trays, and all the cars hopped in.  The shower was nearly as fun for them as the painting and playing I think.  They liked getting to wash away all the shaving cream.  What was left for me to do?  All I had to do was wipe the table with a damp cloth.  Clean-up done! 🙂

Stay Tuned for Day #2: 

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