St. Patrick’s Day: Easy last minute arts & crafts

Here are a few last minute, easy crafts we did today.  One is a repeat of an idea I already posted (because we had two little friends who hadn’t made them yet), one is a variation of something we already did (just because I like to experiment), and one is brand new!

Hand-print Shamrocks:
(This time I just used printer paper with a pre-printed message and green finger paint.  Stampers were a 1 and a 2 year old visiting with us.  For more details on how to make these, see this post and this one.)

Thumbprint Shamrocks:

(We previously used pointer fingers and stamp pads, but this is a thumb print and Do-a-Dot marker ink.  The stem is colored pencil.  Also see this post.)

Do-A-Dot Marker Rainbows:
(I modeled one on my own using Do-A-Dot Markers while the kids watched.  Then, Luke did his entirely on his own.  I helped Lilah with the first red arc and she did the rest.  The 4th rainbow was done by a 2yo who was visiting with us — he held the stamper and I guided his hand.  We made sure to say the name of each color as the child stamped it because the younger two are still working on color recognition.)

I modeled the making of this rainbow first.
Then Luke (4yo) did his rainbow next, independently.
Lilah (2-1/2yo) went third.
I guided her with the first color (somewhat) and then she did the rest on her own.
The 2yo who was visiting us went last.
He held the markers and I helped to move his hand to do the dots.
We added the shamrock thumbprints afterwards.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

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