St. Patrick’s Day: Four Leaf Clover Hand Print Art


I saw a pin on Pinterest a few days ago and totally fell in love!  Four leaf clover hand prints!  I knew we had to try it.  (From the best I can tell, the pin was uploaded by this Pinterest user.  Thanks, Shelly!)

So, today we did.  We used thick, textured, watercolor paper and Crayola finger paint.  I squirted the paint into the kids’ palms (one at a time) and then painted it on using a foam brush, kind of dabbing to be sure their hand was well coated.  Then I positioned, pressed, and hoped for the best!

I think they turned out pretty nicely!  

Luke’s hand prints are on the top page and Lilah’s are on the bottom.  I added the stem myself using the same finger paint.

 Luke’s hand print clover:

Lilah’s hand print clover:


I haven’t decided exactly what I’m going to do with them yet, but I’ll probably frame them, at least for the month of March. 🙂  

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