{Suncatcher BATS!!} Spookify your trees or windows for Halloween with this EASY craft!!

Suncatcher bats - an easy craft for kids

We’ve been doing lots of art this week since it seems we’ve been taking turns feeling under the weather.  One day this week, I decided we should make some Halloween bat decorations to hang in our tree in the front yard.  It turned out to be a really simple art activity that even really young children can do, but fun enough I wanted to make one, too!  These would look great hung indoors as well, especially in a well-lit area like close to a window since you can see through them!!

Materials Needed:
* Clear plastic 
* Permanent markers

I initially planned to use a plastic milk jug or one of those box-shaped plastic containers that you can buy salad in to cut our bats from, but it turned out that nothing we had on-hand was really appropriate.  After some brainstorming, I simply ran several sheets of laminating plastic through our Scotch laminator one at a time with nothing in them.  

Scotch laminator sheets

The sheets came out as thin but sturdy sheets of plastic and were PERFECT for this project!!  (Here is our laminator on Amazon, but it’s also usually carried in Walmart for around ~$25.)  Another alternative for thin plastic would be transparency sheets like teachers use on overhead projectors.

Once I had my plastic sheets, I traced bat shapes onto them using a template and a permanent marker.  

Trace bat template onto thin plastic sheets

You could freehand them or print a template to use.  I cut them out, 

Cut out bats using scissors

and gave the kids each a clear plastic bat along with a variety of colors of permanent markers.  We used Sharpies.  We put the plastic bat on top of a piece of paper to keep the table from getting colored, and I talked to the kids about being careful not to get the marker on their clothes.  

Girl coloring bat with permanent markers

boy wearing watch coloring bat craft with permanent markers

They happily decorated away.  It was fun for them to color on the smooth, slippery plastic because it’s texture is so different than paper!

sensory experience coloring on plastic

girl with finished craft project

When they finished, I used a black permanent marker to outline the edge of the bat shapes.  

one outlined bat and one bat waiting to be outlined with marker

That really made them POP! and made it clear that it was a BAT!  As long as you outline it at the end, really any age child can decorate these because it will still look like a bat when you finish regardless of how they color it.

4 bat suncatchers

adult bat craft

We let our bats “dry” for just a bit so as not to smear the marker, and then I punched a hole in the top middle of the bat’s head.  I tied fishing line through the hole and knotted it several times.  Then we took our bats outside and tied the other end of the string to our tree.  

bat in a tree in front of garage

Mommy's bat in the tree

bats in the tree

bat hung with fishing line from a tree for Halloween decoration

The bats swoosh and fly and make for great, not-too-spooky Halloween decorations.  They’ve been through at least one rain storm already and aside from having to be untangled a bit from the limbs and leaves, they look just like new!

Bat Halloween decorations made by kids

Hanging bat tree decorations for Halloween

If you’d rather not put them outside, these would look great hanging from a light fixture over a table, or hung in a window as a suncatcher.  

We had so much fun making these, that we made some more for Grandmama! She was planning to hang some in her kitchen window as sun catchers and some outside in a tree!

Halloween gifts for Grandmama
bat girl

Have you made any fun decorations for Fall or for Halloween?

Bat Mobile for Halloween

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