{Super Simple Pumpkin Decorating} Coloring Pumpkins

Crayola colored pumpkin decorating for Halloween or Thanksgiving

The kids and I are in full pumpkin decorating mode this October!  We started our fun by painting big pumpkins.  It was so entertaining to us all that I knew our pumpkin decorating adventures were just beginning, so I picked up a bunch of mini pumpkins when I was at the grocery store to let our creativity flow.  Yesterday we decorated some of them using a new technique that was suggested by my sister-in-law: coloring the pumpkins using Crayola Twistables Slick Stix.  Slick Stix are basically plastic encased oil pastels, or really smooth coloring crayons.  While this activity turned out to be somewhat messy, we all liked it a lot!  

Crayola Twistables Slick Stix oil pastel crayons

We each chose a mini white pumpkin from the pumpkin stash to color.  

Pumpkin decorating with oil pastels by kids

The kids were able to color their pumpkins in all different colors and totally design them the way they wanted.

Little girl with decorated pumpkin craft for Halloween

Since the color goes on very thick and often in little chunks it is hard to keep it from smearing a bit as you turn your pumpkin in your hand.  When finished decorating, it’s likely that the table, kids’ hands, and possibly even clothing and floor will be smeared with bits of the oil pastels from the Slick Stix, so prepare accordingly!

Little girl in Matilda Jane dress displaying her pumpkin art
Little boy in pirate skull shirt displaying colored pumpkin he made

Artsy photo of little girl with pumpkin

pumpkin art project for preschool

striped pumpkin craft project

preschooler with pumpkin art

After our colored pumpkins sat for awhile, I was surprised at how “dry” they actually felt and we could handle them gently without getting any of the color onto our hands.  

3 decorated pumpkins

jack o'lantern decorated mini pumpkins

This is definitely a really simple way to decorate pumpkins in which even the youngest little artists can participate.  You could easily do these as an art or craft project for a play date, a preschool class activity, or for an Autumn birthday party.  These would look great in seasonal gift baskets, as table centerpieces, or as part of your Halloween or Thanksgiving holiday decor!

Coloring Pumpkins pinterest pinnable image from In Lieu of Preschool Pin me!
Disclosure:  I am not affiliated with Crayola or their products in any way, and I purchased all of the products used in this post.  Just sharing a fun activity we tried! 😉 

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