Super Simple Valentine’s Card Project

I try to do an arts or crafts project every weekday with L&L…weekends are bonus!  If we have little friends over, they do art with us.  This is what we did today: a super simple Valentine’s Card…and really, it could be for any time of year!  

For reference, our 4 little card makers are 47, 29, 24, and 11 months old.

I gave each child plain white printer paper and let them color to their hearts’ content with crayons.

Then I folded the paper in half like a card with their coloring on the inside.  I penciled in a freehand heart on the front and cut it out with scissors.  You could trace a cookie cutter or stencil if you want, or use a heart “punch” if you have one.  The children’s coloring shows through the heart hole.  (If it doesn’t, you can have them go back and add some more.)

On the front write “My” above the heart cutout, and “belongs to You!” under the heart.  


If the child is able to write, you can write the words on another piece of paper and have the child copy them onto their own card.  Even if they are just a beginning writer, it really helps to make the card special and unique.  You can always just write what it says in small letters on the inside so that the receiver of the card will know what it says.

All the letters are there and he wrote them in the right order, they are just here and there all over the page.
I wrote in quotes “My heart belongs to you” on the inside so the receiver of the card will know what it says on the front.

On the inside of the card near the bottom, have the child write their name or let them hold a crayon while you help them to write their name.  Be sure to date it yourself so you’ll remember years later when it was made! 🙂

So, there you have it — super simple!  

Of course, if you want it to be fancier, you could print the words on the front using a printer, use card stock to have nicer paper, decorate with 3D materials like glitter, ribbon, etc.  But I think our super simple cards are pretty cute all on their own and they can be completed by anyone old enough to hold a crayon!

<3 Happy Valentine's Day! <3

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Genny Upton

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    Cute! We’ll be doing this later today! =)

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