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Wash and Learn: Math in the Bath!

The kids have been having the most fun playing in our educational baths and showers!!  This week, we’re going to share with you a a recent math activity we did: Math in the Bath.  This one couldn’t be easier to set up and my 4 year old had a blast playing and learning with numbers!!  If […]

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{Fun Food} Jack O’ Lantern Pancakes

Here’s an easy way to jazz up your little one’s pancakes for Halloween: make them some Jack O’ Lantern Pancakes!  These “pumpkin” pancakes can make a healthy alternative to candy while remaining festive.  My kids definitely saw these as a treat!We had leftover pancakes from breakfast one morning, so later I whipped up these Jack […]

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Halloween Shower Art!! {Themed Shower Play for Kids}

April showers, step aside because… Halloween showers give kids creative artsy powers, AND keep them entertained and learning while they wash! Here is my first ever Themed Shower Play for Kids post, with many, many more planned to share with you because my kids had so. much. fun!!  Walking through Michael’s yesterday I saw a jumbo foam pumpkin.  It came with foam […]

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Make Your Own Rolling Pumpkin Paint Stamp

Luke (age 4) and Lilah (age 3) experimented painting with mini pumpkins all afternoon.  We had a blast and I am going to share with you all the different techniques we tried, but towards the end of our painting experimentation session, I got an idea that turned out to be so successful and dare I […]

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Homemade Mexican Chocolate and Mexican Chocolate Coffee Play Dough: perfect in *almost* every way! #epicfail

Once you try homemade play dough, you never go back.  You can control the ingredients, you can alter the color and smell to fit your child’s likes or the season, and it molds and rolls so much easier than store bought play dough!  You can Google play dough recipes and find more than you could […]

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