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200+ Fine Motor Skills Activities from The PLAY Group

fine motor skills

  Fine motor skills are so important!  These skills are the coordination of small muscle movements in body parts such as the fingers, often in coordination with the eyes.  Daily practice is best to ensure children will have adequate motor control when it’s time to begin writing.  Fine motor skills practice should start with babies […]

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Christmas Tree with Lights Paper Craft

This is one of my favorite Christmas crafts we’ve ever done and it is so simple! Head over to WRAL: Go Ask Mom to check out our Lighted Christmas Tree Craft guest post!!         The trees are much prettier than the photos suggest.  We made them one evening and hung them in our […]

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Even More Fun Activities for Kids using a Turkey Baster

Yesterday I shared 5 Fun Activities for Kids using a Turkey Baster as a guest post on WRAL: Go Ask Mom.  Click here to read my original post and even find out where I’ve found turkey basters for just a dollar each!!!   But that’s not all!   Here are EVEN MORE ways to have fun with a turkey […]

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{Relaxed Montessori} the Home Preschool Way!

Though I have never specifically posted about any of our Montessori works on the blog before, we actually own quite a lot of them, like the sandpaper letters, red rods, number rods, the pink tower, and metal insets to name just a few!  (Thanks, Craigslist!!)  We also incorporate some of Maria Montessori’s ideologies into our home […]

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Rain Stick Sensory Bottle DIY

sensory bottle rain stick

I am going to start making lots of different sensory bottles with Luke and Lilah, my preschool-aged children.  As we perfect them, we’ll share them with you!  Here’s the first one: a DIY rain stick sensory bottle.  Rain sticks are fun for the youngest baby all the way to the adults!  Not only do they […]

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