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25 Life Skills to Teach at an Early Age

Have you thought about what “life skills” you want your children to be learning?  Wait, what are life skills, you say?  According to Wikipedia, Life skills are problem solving behaviors used appropriately and responsibly in the management of personal affairs.  They are a set of human skills acquired via teaching or direct experience that are […]

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Back to School 2012: 10 Tips for a New School Year

Are your kids headed back to school soon?  Are they back in session already?  Here are 10 tips to get your new school year started off right!  Everything from organizing backpacks to communicating with your child’s teachers to displaying artwork to packing lunches!  It’s all covered here: Back to School: 10 Tips for a New […]

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I Got Dressed All By Myself: Organizing Your Child’s Closet to Promote Independence

Lilah will turn 3 later this summer and has been able to dress herself for a long time now.  The only issue is that unless I strictly watch what she picks out, she tends to dress herself in PJs 24/7!  This sometimes results in needless tension on days when we actually have someplace to go!Recently […]

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