The ABCs of How to Home Preschool

The ABCs of How to Home Preschool

I’ve been writing this blog about what we do in lieu of preschool for the past year and a half, but I’ve never really shared a post on how to home preschool.  With my oldest turning 5 in a month — say it ain’t so!!! — and kindergarten looming ahead only a few short months away, I feel like I am graduating a child from my home preschool and I’m finally confident enough to tell you a little about what we’ve done over the past 2+ years.

How to Home Preschool

Who can home preschool?

I have a BS in elementary education, a MA in reading education, and National Board certification in reading-language arts, but I don’t think you need any sort of degree, paperwork, or classroom experience to be a teacher for your child.  Mostly you just need a genuine drive and desire to do it.  It’s not for everybody, but if it’s something you’re considering, then it probably is for you.  You know your child best of all, and so that gives YOU the advantage over everyone else in the world when it comes to teaching your child.  You can always give it a try and see how it goes.  I constantly evaluate where we are and where we want to be and then make decisions for the future based on my evaluations.  You don’t have to commit to a 2 or 3 year program.  Just take it a day at a time.  

School vs. Homeschool

Some teachers and parents don’t like homeschool and some homeschoolers don’t like school.  I just want to be clear up front that I love both!  In fact, I am still torn over whether Luke will go to kindergarten or continue at home for K.  There are so many pros to sending your child to school and so many pros to homeschooling.  I worked at a preschool throughout college, I have 7+ years experience in K-5 public school classrooms, and now I’ve homeschooled my own two children for 2+ years.  While both school and homeschool have their flaws at times, I see nothing wrong with either choice.  Whether you send your child to school or you choose to home preschool or homeschool needs to be based on your particular situation — your family, your children, and your needs and wants.  It’s not a decision you can make based off of what someone else is doing, because if you do, it’s very likely to not work for YOU and your family.

Why preschool at home?

I home preschool for lots of reasons, but here are a few of the most important ones to me:

  • I know my children better than anyone, so it’s easy for me to feed their interests, work on their weaknesses, and challenge them while keeping their frustration levels in mind.  It’s also a lot easier to teach when your class size is small, and for me, it’s 2.  I have to say I do a heck of a lot better job with my 2 children than I did when I had 30 kids in a classroom.
  • I’m not an attachment parent to the book, but I do have a lot of the same ideals.  My husband and I have done a lot of babywearing, co-sleeping, and cloth diapering over the past years, and we’ve loved it.  Home preschooling just seemed an extended way to bond with my children and I hope that we are creating special memories that will stay with them forever.
  • I quit my teaching job by choice to stay at home once my first was born.  I wanted to be a stay at home mom so I wouldn’t miss a minute of their childhoods.  When time came that everyone else was sending their children to preschool, I thought, well, I’m certainly capable of teaching them, and I enjoy watching them learn, so why don’t I do it myself?  I’ve never regretted it for a moment.  My absolute favorite part so far has been teaching my oldest to read.  I’ve helped lots of kids in school learn to read, but there is just something so touching about hearing your own child as a beginning reader and knowing you helped him get there!  It’s really special.


Is it working?

Well, I didn’t perform any kind of scientific tests, but overall my kids seem happy, healthy, and curious, so I think they’re thriving pretty well.  My almost 5 year old can already read at an end of kindergarten level, do addition and subtraction with numbers up to 10, and has a pretty awesome vocabulary, but more importantly he loves to lay in his bed at night looking at books on his own, will play pretend with his little sister for hours at a time, is great at puzzles — he’s recently advanced to 100 pieces — and he asks questions that stump me All. The. Time.  I’d like to think I’m pretty smart but lately my standard answer has become, “Let’s Google that!” and to be honest, I love it!
how to home preschool

The ABCs of How to Home Preschool

My main goals in home preschooling have always been to encourage my children’s natural curiosity for learning, and get them to love books, so anyone that has those same goals should benefit from the ABCs of How to Home Preschool even if your child goes to preschool because so much can be done at home…and most of it is easy.  Really easy.
This week I will be sharing with you the ABCs of How to Home Preschool.  It’s really more of a “how WE preschool at home” list because there is no one right way to do it and I’m not going to pretend that I’m an expert by any means!  I’m just going to show you what we’ve been doing in hopes it will help support you and maybe even inspire you.  
I hope if you are considering doing preschool at home, you already are homeschooling, or you just want to find some additional ways to work with your child whom also attends school, that you will find this a helpful resource.  It is meant to be a help for EVERYONE, no matter where your child goes to school.  

Anyone who is trying to help a child is welcome here always! <3

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how to home preschool
ABC series

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