The Jesus Storybook Bible Reading Plan for Easter 2013

The Jesus Storybook Bible Reading Plan for Easter 2013

Last year we discovered The Jesus Storybook Bible makes for a perfect read during the season of Lent.  Lent is the period of 40 weekdays leading up to Easter (excluding Sundays), and the Jesus Storybook Bible’s 40th story is the Easter story, with 4 stories that come afterwards as follow-up.  It really couldn’t be a better fit!  We’d love to have you follow along with us in reading the entire Bible this Lenten Season, so we’ve created The Jesus Storybook Bible Reading Plan for Easter 2013 as a guide to keep us all on track!!

The Jesus Storybook Bible Reading Plan for Easter 2013

The Jesus Storybook Bible Reading Plan for Easter 2013

About the Reading Plan

Readings are planned for Monday through Saturday, with Sundays as rest days since Sundays aren’t included in the actual 40 days of Lent, but to be honest, we often used Sundays as catch-up days to get back on track if we fell behind during the week.  The goal here isn’t to be perfectly on schedule.  It doesn’t matter if you start early or late, or even finish on time.  What matters is that you’ll be spending some real quality time with your kids and God’s Word. 

A Quick Review of The Jesus Storybook Bible

The Jesus Storybook Bible is a children’s Bible where “every story whispers his name.”  While I do feel that Sally Lloyd Jones takes some liberties with explaining how various people feel when it is not explicitly stated as such in the Bible, I do feel that her interpretations help to make the stories more real and understandable for children…and even for myself.  I do not think this is a replacement for a more standard translation of the Bible, but I feel it provides an excellent overview of the Bible as it pertains to Jesus for kids and adults of all ages, and the benefits of reading it far outweigh any minor negative criticisms.  My favorite part of the book is how every story is tied back to Jesus.  I love reading this one as much as the kids.  I’ve also heard recommendations that the audio version is great, though I haven’t purchased it yet myself.  

We read through the entire book for the 2012 Lenten season and I was amazed at how much my then 2-1/2 and just turned 4 year old took away from it.  Even now they will flip through the book and correctly name the people and tell about the Bible stories in their own words.  I think this Bible is appropriate for kids from around 18 months on up.

The Jesus Storybook Bible Reading Plan for Easter 2013

The Jesus Storybook Bible Reading Plan for Easter 2013

From the Old Testament

Day #1: 
Ash Wednesday, February 13
“The Story and the Song”
pg. 12
Day #2:
Thursday, February 14
“The beginning: a perfect home”
pg. 18
Day #3: 
Friday, February 15
“The terrible lie”
pg. 28
Day #4: 
Saturday, February 16
“A new beginning”
pg. 38
1st Sunday of Lent: 
February 17
Day #5: 
Monday, February 18
“A giant staircase to heaven”
pg. 48
Day #6: 
Tuesday, February 19
“Son of laughter”
pg. 56
Day #7: 
Wednesday, February 20
“The present”
pg. 62
Day #8: 
Thursday, February 21
“The girl no one wanted”
pg. 70
Day #9: 
Friday, February 22
“The forgiving prince”
pg. 76
Day #10: 
Saturday, February 23
“God to the rescue!”
pg. 84
2nd Sunday of Lent: 
February 24
Day #11: 
Monday, February 25
“God makes a way”
pg. 92
Day #12: 
Tuesday, February 26
“Ten ways to be perfect”
pg. 100
Day #13: 
Wednesday, February 27
“The warrior leader”
pg. 108
Day #14: 
Thursday, February 28
“The teeny, weenie…true king”
pg. 116
Day #15: 
Friday, March 1
“The young hero and the horrible giant”
pg. 122
Day #16: 
Saturday, March 2
“The Good Shepherd”
pg. 130
3rd Sunday of Lent: 
March 3
Day #17: 
Monday, March 4
“A little servant girl and the proud general”
pg. 136
Day #18: 
Tuesday, March 5
“Operation ‘No More Tears'”
pg. 144
Day #19: 
Wednesday, March 6
Daniel and the scary sleepover
pg. 152
Day #20: 
Thursday, March 7
“God’s messenger”
pg. 160
Day #21: 
Friday, March 8
“Get ready!”
pg. 170
From the New Testament
Day #22: 
Saturday, March 9
“He’s here!”
pg. 176
4th Sunday of Lent: 
March 10
Day #23: 
Monday, March 11
“The Light of the whole world”
pg. 184
Day #24: 
Tuesday, March 12
“The King of all kings”
pg. 192
Day #25: 
Wednesday, March 13
“Heaven breaks through”
pg. 200
Day #26: 
Thursday, March 14
“Let’s go!”
pg. 208
Day #27: 
Friday, March 15
“A little girl and a poor frail lady”
pg. 214
Day #28: 
Saturday, March 16
“How to pray”
pg. 222
5th Sunday of Lent: 
March 17
Day #29: 
Monday, March 18
“The Singer”
pg. 228
Day #30: 
Tuesday, March 19
“The Captain of the storm”
pg. 236
Day #31: 
Wednesday, March 20
“Filled full!”
pg. 244
Day #32: 
Thursday, March 21
“Treasure hunt!”
pg. 250
Day #33: 
Friday, March 22
“The friend of little children”
pg. 256
Day #34: 
Saturday, March 23
“The man who didn’t have any friends (none)”
pg. 264
Palm Sunday: 
March 24
Day #35: 
Monday, March 25
“Running away”
pg. 272
Day #36: 
Tuesday, March 26
“Washed with tears”
pg. 280
Day #37: 
Wednesday, March 27
“The Servant King”
pg. 286
Day #38: 
Holy Thursday, March 28
“A dark night in the garden”
pg. 294
Day #39: 
Good Friday, March 29
“The sun stops shining”
pg. 302
Day #40: 
Holy Saturday, March 30
“God’s wonderful surprise”
pg. 310
Easter Sunday:
March 31
Day #41: 
Monday, April 1
“Going home”
pg. 318
Day #42: 
Tuesday, April 2
“God sends help”
pg. 326
Day #43: 
Wednesday, April 3
“A new way to see”
pg. 334
Day #44: 
Thursday, April 4
“A dream of heaven”
pg. 342

Free Printables

I’ve also created some free printables of the reading plan for those who prefer that over the online version.  Here is the link to the free pack in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  

The pack includes a two-sided printable of the above schedule…

Jesus Storybook Bible Reading Plan for Easter 2013

…as well as 2 pages of weekly bookmarks.  

Jesus Storybook Bible Reading Plan for Easter 2013
Jesus Storybook Bible Reading Plan for Easter 2013

You can choose which format works best for you!  

**When sharing the printables with others, please share the link to THIS POST and not the direct link to my TPT store so that people can get the full description here.
The Jesus Storybook Bible Reading Plan for Easter 2013

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